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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Even more Herald bias against Mana

Sweet Jesus, why don't the Herald just put a massive photo of Hone on the front page, paint fangs and horns onto him and with the headline 'white baby killer'? The bias is so extraordinary, it's now becoming the issue rather than the actual issues confronting Te Tai Tokerau voters.

As little as yesterday, the biased NZ Herald (who have written 3 anti-Hone editorials in 2 weeks - unprecedented) were claiming Hone was merely a whisker 'in front' of a straw poll they themselves conducted on 57 voters on the Maori roll. Of those 57, 21 voted Hone, 11 voted Kelvin while Solomon pulled in 4 votes - how did the headline 'by a whisker' come about ? 20 people said they didn't know - that's 'not by a whisker' that's 'possible landslide to Mana'.

So despite that bias in their reporting of their own bloody poll, the NZ Herald jump with the results from yesterday Native Affairs Poll which showed Hone again ahead by only 1% against Kelvin.

They are rolling around like pigs in their own shit trying to throw mud at Hone.

So a telephone poll in the poorest electorate in the country has Hone ahead by 1%? My God I'm shocked the Labour Party weren't ahead by 20% - the Herald doesn't bother putting that into any context whatsoever, Hone does though.

When the Herald predicted that Banks and Brown were neck and neck and then the result showed Brown won by A LANDSLIDE the Herald looked pretty stupid didn't they? I think they will be once again shown in that light as Hone puts his reputation up against their bias.

The NZ Herald appointed an online mouthpiece for the National Party like hard-right-pretending-to-be-lite-right David Farrar as their on line political commentator. How appointing unchallenged a propagandist like Farrar is anything other than 'fair and balanced like fox news' is a little beyond me.

The debate last night on Native Affairs on Maori Television was amazing, the energy in the room was powerful, congrats on covering the story as well as they did.



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