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Saturday, June 04, 2011

Citizen A - ONLINE NOW!

Citizen A this week with scoop.co.nz editor Selwyn Manning and that awful Cameron Slater

Issue one: Now Cam has been outed as being part of a cabal planning to spike MMP on-line, should he stand trial for treason and how will the right attack MMP?

Issue two: The Ideologically stacked Welfare Razor Gang have given John Key all the bennie bashing he needs for the election with the most vulnerable and weakest members of society being told to do with less for Government economic incompetence, Auckland has the largest urban poverty, how will we be impacted?

Issue three tonight: Rodney Hide said it would cost $126 million - the IT blow out for the Auckland Super City hits over half a billion - who is to blame? Who is going to pay and where are all these supposed savings from the amalgamation?.

Citizen A now plays 7.30pm Stratos Freeview 21 & Sky 89 Fridays

NEXT WEEK: Nikki Kaye vs Jacinda Ardern Auckland Central frontrunners Debate 2



At 5/6/11 10:02 am, Blogger Tim said...

Awww, I got nothing to do with it.....spoken just loik a true skloosive brethrin.
Cam: I know nothing!
When the shit gets close to the fan, it's wet dreams and all the camel shit!
Ex eck ly! What a crock
Stalinists, Shirtlifters and others aside.....wake up sleepy hobbits,
I note even the red and black colour coordination of the slater


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