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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Chow Brothers get away with it again, Auckland Council wimps out

Last week the Auckland Council wimped out and decided not to charge brothel developers and humanitarians of the year, the Chow Brothers, over the destruction of the historic Palace Hotel after it accidentally fell over after the Chows accidentally knock out the supports so that they can accidentally build a multi-storied battery cage sex farm.

These are the same Chow brothers who in 2006 were fined $14 000 for attacking a protected Kowhai tree with a chainsaw and of course this year they accidentally on purpose destroyed another historic building in Wellington again for the expansion of their multi-storied battery cage sex farm where they are so mean spirited and tight that they tax their female employees for condoms, lube and towel usage.

Not throwing in the condoms, lube and towels as a brothel owner is like charging cutlery fees at a restaurant with an additional cost to ensure the chef has washed his hands after the toilet.

Since when did brothel owners with a history of destroying protected NZ heritage get more protection than the buildings they destroy?



At 22/6/11 4:59 pm, Blogger Tim said...

It's a joke really to be honest. There are no real penalties for the protection of our surrounds. Chumps like the Chow's can do as they please and fear nothing. They need the treatment sans lube.

At 22/6/11 7:04 pm, Blogger jane said...

Duh, this is where the 17,000 jobs are going to come from. Seven of them spread around Auckland, ten around the rest of N.Z. all employing, sorry, utilising, a thousand workers, sorry, slaves, each.

At 22/6/11 7:38 pm, Blogger Mike said...

Heya Bomber

Not as serious as the Palace Hotel issue but a couple of years ago I took Michael Chow to the disputes tribunal over an unpaid contract. He basically hired one of my contractors for a week then refused to pay at the end of the week. We were awarded $3,500 but were never able to actually get it before our company went into liquidation (not because of his debt). I wonder how many other shonky dealings the Chow's have got away with?


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