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Thursday, June 23, 2011

CHCH unbuild

Heard the PM at the Christchurch rebuild/demolition announcement say 5,000 properties were in the "red zone" and consequently toast. About half a billion is the government's cost to offer these home owners a way out. The affected areas are now available to view at landcheck. (on pdf annoyingly - if it's headed "zone map" is should bloody well have a map FFS.)

For people who owned property with insurance in the residential red zones on 3 September 2010 there will be two options:

* the Crown makes an offer of purchase for the entire property at current rating value (less any built property insurance payments already made), and assumes all the insurance claims other than contents; or
* the Crown makes an offer of purchase for the land only, and homeowners can continue to deal with their own insurer about their homes.

The government hopes to be able to come back to residents in the red zone with an offer of purchase by the end of August. Residents will then have 9 months to consider the offer.

Danyl of Dim Post: "Most of that $635 Million will pay off mortgages owed to Australian banks. I suspect much of the remaining equity will also cross the Tasman"

Amazing too that Mr Magoo's South Canterbury Finance will actually cost the government more than the 5,000 homes being written off. A suburb or two's worth.


At 23/6/11 10:18 pm, Blogger Brendon O'Connor said...

BUT, not only is it just another dose of corporate welfare through a bailout of the Ozzie banks using Kiwi taxpayers money, but the landowners who take this slap in the face will still have to cough up and mortgage shortfall to those "Poor" Ozzie banks. See FAQ no 1 on the bailout website. So the government isn't even buying the mortgages, just gifting probably a large percentage of this $635 Million to the Ozzie banks. And the poor eastern suburb landowners will be left being unable to buy another property as they could still owe the banks the balance of their mortgages. Wow and this is kindness. No wonder Key was a bit shy in delivering this package. I bet it would have been a land swap if the quake hit us here in the western suburbs. Notice how quite the media is on this nail in these poor people’s financial coffins.

At 24/6/11 7:24 am, Blogger Brendon O'Connor said...

AND... if you couldn't afford insurance and your house is in a red zone not only is there no buy out of the land, which land insurance was never part of House Insurance anyway, but the sewerage and water will be removed from your property. Same goes for those who "choose" not to take up this offer. Does this package not get worse the more you analyse it?


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