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Sunday, June 19, 2011

But Federated Farmers ARE the National Party in gumboots

Goff's National Party quip riles farmers
Labour leader Phil Goff has angered industry leaders at the National Agricultural Fieldays by suggesting that Federated Farmers were considered the National Party in gumboots.

The Federated Farmers faux outrage at Phil Goff's brilliant description of them as 'The National Party in gumboots' is as credible as the Witch King of the Nazgul taking offense at being called a spooky guy with a sword. Federated Farmers are so right wing they make Gengis Khan look like a Green Party voting vegan. That they are trying to claim they are 'apolitical' is hilarious when their former President Charlie Pederson described the environmental movement as a war against humanity!

The National Party are the political arm of the Federated Farmers and pretending they are not is like the Unions pretending the support ACT.



At 19/6/11 1:53 pm, Blogger Michael said...

Perhaps the fairest way to say it is Fed Farmers are aligned to the National Party the same way most unions are aligned to the Labour Party. There is no official direct link, but they end up providing candidates, activists and campaigning for the aligned party.

Nothing wrong with that, everyone knows it, but for some reason whenever Fed Farmers or Unions get called on it they get all defensive.

At 20/6/11 8:32 am, Blogger Tiger Mountain said...

In rurual NZ FF, rugby, lodges, trades people, country women, hunting, shooting and fishing clubs all help form a nasty tory ‘meme pool’ that passes on Nationals selfish, racist, sheep shagging ideology to the next generations.

At 20/6/11 10:10 am, Blogger bchapman said...

We will never get a Capital Gains Tax/Land Tax which we so desperately need to control borrowing for property speculation while these guys hold the Nats/ACT in their thrall. Labour simply will not have enough guts to do it unless it is agreed on a bi-partisam basis. Talk about being held to ransom by vested interests!


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