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Monday, June 20, 2011

Breaking news: Police focus on Mr and Mrs Magoo

Timaru herald reporting:

The Serious Fraud Office is expected to make an announcement on the investigation into Allan and Jean Hubbard within the next hour.

The Timaru Herald understands charges are to be laid against the couple, a year to the day after they, along with their company Aorangi Securities, Hubbard Management Funds, and seven charitable trusts were placed into statutory management by the Government on June 20. An SFO investigation was launched the following day.

Finally. I wonder how many of his fans (and since they were bailed out by the Crown there would still be quite a few) will still be his fans once the SFO makes their case?

These financial cases are boring and undramatic, so personally I'm hoping that Mr Hubbard tries to make a getaway in his old VW - one of those slow-mo pursuits like OJ Simpson.


At 20/6/11 7:17 pm, Blogger CrownRetro said...

I heard that trade lendors organized this lynch mob against Hubbard coz of the extremely low interest loans he was providing the locals. Can't say my source was reliable, as it was in the pub, lol.

At 20/6/11 7:52 pm, Blogger AAMC said...

So, I'm heading down to SkyCity to bet my life's savings on the pokies, figured I'd put my hand out to the government if my investment turns out a little risky....

At 21/6/11 2:13 pm, Blogger Tiger Mountain said...

Sod Mr Magoo, he has helped shake down the taxpayer for $1.7 bill. No doubt he survives on patronage down South, but he shouldn’t be let off the hook. Other aging crims get cell time. If there is some age limitation it might be an idea to investigate a criminal career in one’s twilight years!


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