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Saturday, June 25, 2011

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THE WAR ON NEWS: In this weeks political media crimes against reason kill zone

Mr Magoo from South Canterbury Finance faces 50 charges by Serious Fraud Office - hopes of OJ Simpson like real time TV car chase in his old VW are fading

You're 24 and National want to pay you $8 an hour, welcome to 'change' meaning 'loose change'

Paula Bennett admitting benefit reform is scary is like your dentist assuring you that this is going to hurt.

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At 27/6/11 11:59 pm, Blogger Frank said...

On TV1 News (27 June): John Key, stated in an interview from India, that a Free Trade Agreement with that country would deliver higher wages to New Zealand; "It means jobs, it means higher incomes, it means better opportunities for New Zealanders," .


Isn’t this the same promise that John Key made to us in 2008, during the Election campaign?! And since then the wage gap with Australia has actually widened?

And hasn't Mr Key just finished berating Labour for suggesting that the minimum wage be raised, and warning the country that higher wages would result in 6,000 workers being made unemployed?

The Prime Minister seems to be promising us one thing, one moment - and then telling us that we can't have it, the next moment, because it would be a bad thing.

Now I know how Alice felt in Wonderland...


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