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Thursday, June 09, 2011

Apache attack helicopters as instruments of humanitarian defense

Now the West got involved in this under the pretense that it was a humanitarian crises and we are protecting the civilians, to which many critics, me included, retorted, this is just a war for Libya's oil and pretty soon you'll start dumping the pretense of humanitarian crises and start to call for regime change, and nothing says regime change like an apache attack helicopter.

I'm not really sure how an apache attack helicopter helps in a humanitarian crises, it can't shoot bananas into the mouths of hungry children, but it can apparently topple corrupt dictators, which as you will remember wasn't what was agreed when we started bombing Libya.

Syria of course is coming apart at the seams, the UK have been caught training the Saudi Arabian unit that were so effective in killing pro democracy protestors and the United States ups it's secret drone war in Yemen.

Nice to see the Arab Spring hasn't slowed the usual Western interference and cynical manipulations and calculations.

Libya is about oil and resources, it isn't about humanitarian crises and now it's about regime change. How quickly that mission creeps.



At 9/6/11 6:47 pm, Blogger AAMC said...

From Pepe Escobar on Western policy relating to the Arab Spring / Summer / revolution...


Tricky though, I'm no supporter of violence, or war and certainly not regime change for geo-political or corporate reasons, and I'm very concious about Western hipocracy playing out in full clarity at this moment with our continued support of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain etc etc.
(Irony being, allowing the Sunni countries to put down and massacre "Iran sponsored" Sunni, seems remarkably like an Al-Quaida policy, executed by.....us!) Being a little ignorant of the tribal forces within Libya, what I haven't been shown yet is that the Libyan opposition are the goodies ( they may well be ) who will save the people.

But it does seem pretty clear that Gaddafi was on the path to genocide, so I can't reconcile what we were meant to do and what the outcome would have been.

Serbia / Rawanda....

At 9/6/11 9:00 pm, Blogger AAMC said...

Sunni regimes killing supposedly Iranian sponsored Shia majorities I intended to write.

Why is it we support the most extreme form of Islam with billions of dollars of arms and the turning of many a blind eye again? Ah... cause we don't want to invest in technologies that were invented this century, that's right...


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