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Friday, June 24, 2011

Alasdair Thompson must be sacked!

TV clash as business boss fires up on sexism row
Under-fire business leader Alasdair Thompson and a female journalist clashed in a fiery stand-off on television last night over his claim that menstruation affected women's productivity.

Well, well, well - what do we have here? The naked sexism of NZ's top bossman, Alasdair Thompson has shocked so many NZers now, the only righteous thing is for this sexist prick to sacked, he doesn't deserve the option to resign.

His outrageous bullying of Mihingarangi Forbes during an interview when she challenged him on his belief of why Women are paid less because of their periods, has to be seen to be believed. He stands over her for Christ's sakes and she is forced to take a step backwards! How the hell is that acceptable to a Journalist who is questioning a powerful NZer over their bigotry?

It isn't but it gives a real insight into the chauvinist pig arrogance of the bossman of bossmen

As bossman of the Employers and Manufacturers Association, Aladair's jaw dropping sexism and now bullying gives a real idea of how the old boys club view Women and that these pricks are the ones advising ALL the bosses of NZ.

The mere idea that women get paid less because they have periods is so stupid, at first it can't be offensive, and many I think were prepared to believe he had brain-farted his ignorance but since speaking it, Alasdair has made it excruciatingly clear that he actually believes this garbage, and as such, he has no other option than to be sacked.


No wonder NZ has so few women on Boards when the mentality towards them is like this. Nice to see what the Employers and Manufacturers Association who have been pushing the Government for the 90 day right to sack, the right to limit Union work site access and youth rates really think about women while Alasdair Thompson is the leader of that organisation.

Will the 90 day right to sack be shortened to 30 days, because 3 menstrual cycles is too many to risk as a boss?

Will Union access be limited even more if the delegate is female in case she attracts dogs onto a work site?

Will Youth rates stop for women only after they hit menopause?

For Alasdair Thompson, the Glass ceiling is to stop women AND act as a barrier to prevent all the menstrual blood splash back.

You are an offensive clown Alasdair and your misogyny is actually breath taking. I implore our sisters and wahine know that this sexist prick doesn't in any way shape or form speak for modern NZ men, Alasdair is a dinosaur and his extinction is long overdue.



At 24/6/11 8:13 am, Blogger jane said...

what a tw-t. i have been thinking that youth rates should actually be higher than minimum rates anyway because they have better technical skills. Would this man, for example, or john key or paula rebstock even, be able to back up his files, strip down his pc, replace the hard drive & install a new operating system in his lunch break?? We all know the answer to that, yet pretty much half our population under 25 would have no problems and still have time for a quick blat around the block on their skateboard! Plus the only hassle about menstruation is the cost of rag since it got taxed as a "luxury" by some idiot finance minister. Quelle Imbecile!!!

At 24/6/11 8:24 am, Blogger Mariana said...

Yeah what a crazy interview...and instead of shutting up he kept going and going. But what was particularly outrageous was the way he tried to physically intimidate Mahinarangi Forbes, standing over her and raising his voice. This was particularly outrageous! I was incredulous that such a person could have that position.

At 24/6/11 9:12 am, Blogger slydixon said...

Indicative I believe of a deep seam of an almost fundamentalist belief in the divine right of blokes to rule implanted by the "elite" boys schools that supply so many of these dinosaurs and their ilk.

At 24/6/11 9:22 am, Blogger AAMC said...

Aren't most positions of power in the world held by such people?!

That's the problem...

At 24/6/11 9:53 am, Blogger orowhana said...

valid point jane. However as an aging hippie whose spent most of her life planting and protecting trees and who raised her offspring to reduce, reuse recycle and repair as principle life values i can back up my files to a portable hard drive or usb and install an operating system. Installing a hard drive I would leave to other members of the household. Skateboarding is out due to arthritis but i could do a quick sun salutation.But of course eccentrics like me who are not afflicted with avarice don't get to the top of the shit pile and call the shots. We also run businesses , house holds and raise families while having periods and menopause. What the fuck would we know?

At 24/6/11 6:09 pm, Blogger Jimmy_N said...

You can call me a cynic, but this is highly unsurprising that it has been allowed to occur under this government. Does anybody else out there realise that John Key used exactly the same tactics over Helen Clark during the televised interviews in the lead up to the past election?


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