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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Would Brash have nuclear ships back in NZ by lunchtime?

Visit of US naval training ship reflects nuclear rift's fence mending
A former United States naval vessel that is still technically owned by the US Government will visit New Zealand this month. It was formerly the USNS Maury, an oceanographic survey ship, and is now the TS Golden Bear, a training ship for maritime cadets. A visit by a real US warship is not on the radar of either the US or New Zealand Governments, despite a near full restoration of the relationship since the anti-nuclear rift.

With America wanting to remind China that this is their part of the world, the desire to send military ships here for a bit of marking of their territory.

With Brash poised as the next Finance Minister if ACT and National are the new Parliamentary majority after the election, how soon would it be before Brash had American ships back in NZ ports?

Before morning tea? Before lunchtime? Just after afternoon tea?

A vote for John, is a vote for Don



At 21/5/11 11:18 am, Blogger Carin said...

Even worse a vote for John = John PLUS Don = double disaster !!!


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