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Monday, May 09, 2011

Why listen to the mainstream media regarding Hone?

A lot of pundits in the media claimed my analysis was wrong that a new party would launch with Hone as it's leader when I made it on TVNZ7's Backbenchers in November of last year, so I'm not surprised once that gets knocked over that the move now is to claim Mana will splinter the left.

To be honest, I kinda passed most of these argument points 4 months ago and are up to negotiating tactics post election right now, but for the late comers to the debate - Mana won't splinter the left.

Mana is looking for 3.5%, much of that will come from the currently wasted 2.2% Maori Party Party vote, some will come from those most impacted by a hard right policy change whom are also the most disenfranchised politically (ie people who don't normally bother to vote). There will be some party bleed from Greens and Labour to Mana, but the sub 5% threshold provides more % upgrade than merely 3.5% distributed to Greens and Labour. Greens and Labour will pick up moderates who will flee the Brash-Key Government.

Key has kept his polling high because his smile and wave political capital is wrapped in a pretense of moderation, the big blue tent strategy off holding the middle ground only works under that pretense of moderation (this is after all a Government that has overseen the largest dismantling of political democratic oversight since Rodger Douglas by ramming 31% of legislation through under a misuse of urgency). A Brash-Key Government eliminates any pretense of moderation, watch as people who voted Labour in 2005 but National in 2008 leave National to give it to the Greens or Labour.

Why listen to the mainstream pundits who were so wrong about this party launching in the first place when we see how obvious the bias against Hone is? I have sent in an official complaint to the Press Council over the despicable way Stuff.co.nz misquoted Hone in relation to Osama Bin Laden. Stuff.co.nz re-edited their website from claiming 'Hone celebrates Osama Bin Laden life' to 'Hone celebrates life' and when the NZ Herald appoints the number one online Government propagandist to review their political week, you know the NZ mainstream media are becoming as 'fair and balanced' as Fox News.

The challenge for Mana is to bypass the media bigotry and force focus on the issues and aspirations of Maori, minimum wage workers and beneficiaries in this country who are suffering from the effects of a recession this Government has prolonged and made worse with their economic incompetence.

How many solo Maori mothers were on the phones to their Wall st Stockbrokers in 2007-2008 buying light crude in Euros while speculating on Goldman Sach derivatives?

In the words of Scribe. Not many, if any.

This Government handed tax cuts to the rich funded by us all from the rise in GST John Key promised he wouldn't raise. Increasing consumption taxes while expecting consumer culture to drag us out of a recession is idiocy, an idiocy that caused a massive $1billion dent in Government revenue and heralded the 'no alternatives but cut public spending' meme.

It is the most disgusting of political ethics that the most vulnerable, the solo mothers, the sick, the handicapped and the mentally unwell are told to do with less because of an economic collapse they had no part in making.

That we have a multi-millionaire bubble boy 'nice to have' Prime Minister so out of touch he doesn't think cutting all the benefits would cause anyone to stave to death and also believes that anyone needing food parcels have themselves to blame is bad enough for the dreams of working people, beneficiaries and Maori, but that he would be teamed up with a casual racist like Don 'Maaaaaaaaaaori get too much' Brash to implement the exact same neoliberal fee market dogma domestically that has failed so spectacularly on the global platform in 2008 is enough to wake even the sleepy Shire Volk from their sleepy slumber.

When it comes to Hone, don't believe the biased mainstream media hype.



At 9/5/11 2:40 pm, Blogger big news said...

You`re right that Mana wont splinter the Left - but it will splinter the Maori left.

At 9/5/11 3:51 pm, Blogger AAMC said...

I want to see Brash debating Stiglitz on the economy and neo-liberalism. Seems the IMF is coming to it's senses and seeing the real world doesn't necessarily align itself with Fresh Water Economist fantasy... will Brash be big enough to admit he's wrong as Greenspan did. Doubt it!


Here's Greenspan..

At 9/5/11 5:18 pm, Blogger Tim said...

There's as much chance of Brash debating Stiglitz as there is Key owning up to the fact that little more than a used-car-salesman economist.
.....and splintering the "Maori Left" shouldn't amount to too much since a shitload didn't vote, and those that did voted for Uncle Tom's that betrayed them.

Hopefully THAT might emboulden them to demonstrate their feelings next time round.

TT STILL (still) hasn;t gotten over (firstly herself), and secondly Helen Kluck, and Pita is forever loyal towards someone that really needs to deal with her hormonal imbalance. That may sound cruel, bigotted - even unfair. Unfortunately the woman is a bitter old bitch, and unfortunately for Pita (DESPITE this morning's "Breakfast" efforts) there is an electorate left feeling betrayed - more to the point they HAVE been betrayed.
Even Derek did his best to diplomatically put some spin on things - forgetting that there are people really hurting (AS A RESULT OF TT and Pita's efforts).

At 10/5/11 7:04 am, Blogger Deane said...

I just don't get the talk about the Mana Party splintering the left. How can the Mana Party splinter the left, if the Maori Party was never on the left? The Mana Party is the first left-wing party since the Alliance self-destructed. The Maori Party was never left wing; the Maori Party was formed to protect Maori ownership of resources, the benefits of which - surprise, surprise - in a capitalist society still do not trickle down to most Maori.

Here's Pita Sharples in today's NZ Herald denying that the Maori Party is a left-wing party:
"We are a Maori party, they are not a Maori party," Dr Sharples said. "They seem to represent the unions and various other groups ... we're not left, we're not right. we're Maori."
Mana Party bastion for left, says Sharples

You've sold it to me, Pita. Finally - a party I can vote for this election: Mana.


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