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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Why do the Greens hate Auckland?

Why oh why do the Greens hate Auckland when Auckland provides them with so much Party vote for so little political representation? The first Aucklander outside the existing MP's list (and there's only one amongst that group - Clendon at number 8!) is Denise Roche at a belittling 11 place ranking!

Full list:
1. Metiria Turei
2. Russel Norman
3. Kevin Hague
4. Catherine Delahunty
5. Kennedy Graham
6. Eugenie Sage
7. Gareth Hughes
8. David Clendon
9. Jan Logie
10. Steffan Browning
11. Denise Roche
12. Holly Walker
13. Julie Anne Genter
14. Mojo Mathers
15. James Shaw
16. David Hay
17. Richard Leckinger
18. Aaryn Barlow
19. Jeanette Elley
20. Sea Rotmann
21. Michael Gilchrist
22. Dora Langsbury
23. David Kennedy
24. Tane Woodley
25. Joseph Burston
26. Mikaere Curtis
27. Shane Gallagher
28. Saffron Toms
29. Steve Tollestrup
30. Jack McDonald

Has Auckland not given the Greens the love? Has Auckland not provided them with the bulk of their Party vote that enables them to be the third largest party yet the first actual Aucklander is relegated to 11???

When put into the context of Russell Norman's savage attack on Mana as a party of last century battling the issues of last century maybe the Greens consider Auckland last century?

Perhaps Aucklanders with a liberal political value should consider a Party vote to a party that will represent them and their interests better than an 8th and 11th ranked position?

I understand the Mana Party will be announcing some interesting Aucklanders as candidates if the fine people of Te Tai Tokerau give Hone a mandate to launch the Mana Party.

Some organic vegan food for thought?



At 29/5/11 2:10 pm, Blogger Karen said...

Hey Bomber, the Green Party operates democratically - theparty ranking list is created from members votes. If Aucklanders (of which I am one) really want to be represented within the Greens with people from Auckland then they can become members of the Green party and vote for candidates to have a higher ranking accordingly. The Green party always stress to their members that they should take into account; Gender, Age, Location, Ethnicity when ranking candidates to ensure balance. Karen

At 29/5/11 2:21 pm, Blogger Bomber said...

So it is a member wide dislike for Auckland is what you are saying Karen? Look as an Aucklander I'm astounded that for a city that provides the Greens with the bulk of their vote allowing them to be the 3rd largest party that the only representation in the top 10 is David at 8 and the brilliant Denise is left to flounder at a belittling 11!

At 29/5/11 5:11 pm, Blogger gazzamuso said...

I don't believe that the Greens hate Auckland, and phrasing it as such is very unfair. Candidates are NOT voted on based on location. Because Wellington is a city conducive to Green leanings in it's very nature - small city with public transport, centre of politics etc - many of the people who would be willing to stand as candidates for the Green party find themselves living here. As well as that, Auckland is not as prospective for Green people - large, noisy and polluted - meaning many Green candidates don't want to move there. Also, given that we are a small party who need to make a bit of extra noise if we want to be a part of the political fray, it makes sense for us to centre in Wellington and be at the centre of all political action. As the party grows, I believe Auckland will be the first place that starts to see an increase in candidates, but right now the party is too young to have much of a base outside of Wellington.

Greenies don't hate Auckland, but candidates with strong potential to move far up the list tend to be candidates who are as politically involved as possible, and that usually means being centred in Wellington. It is unfortunate, but until we gain more numbers it can't really be changed.

At 29/5/11 5:22 pm, Blogger Karen said...

So what you are saying Bomber is that the Greens should abandon the democratic process when deciding the list rankings of MPs? NZ is a small country and I dont believe Green MPs are parochial. However, I do agree that it isnt ideal to have so few from Akl but really to misconstrue this as meaning "Greens dont like Auckland" is going too far. Green candiates all represent the concerns of NZrs. Much more so than many of the larger party MPs. Hell, I'm in the Helensville electorate which aint even fit for our MP 'John Key' to send his kids to school in!!

At 29/5/11 5:27 pm, Blogger Karen said...

btw Bomber, who would you drop to elevate David or Denise?

At 29/5/11 6:21 pm, Blogger Tim said...

Being the largest city, Auckland also has the largest collection od Sleepy Hobbits. Thank Christ I don't have to go there ofte. All Wellington has to worry about is a crass Wellywood sign. Auckland has a greater responsibility but while Hobbits continue to sleep, the rest of us will consider either hunkering down, or getting the hell out of here

At 29/5/11 6:39 pm, Blogger muzz said...

As an Aucklander I feel totally represented by the Green Party and its list.
As a true 21st century party, I don’t think the Greens are restricted by arbitrary things like where in the country you live… They represent me when they stand up for social justice and environmental responsibility.

At 30/5/11 11:19 am, Blogger Hans Versluys said...

Kevin Hague and Russel Norman have strong links to Waiheke, both having lived here for some time. I'm looking forward to have so many Waihekeans in parliament!

At 30/5/11 9:36 pm, Blogger bsprout said...

Bomber it is not only about the the number of Aucklanders in the list but what the party has or is doing for Auckland. Many of our MPs have been strong advocates for Auckland on many issues from the Supercity process to transport issues. Surely in the end it is what we do for Auckland rather than how many live there!


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