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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Ugly white supremacists to march up Queen st

Far-right group plans Auckland anti-Asian march
A far-right Christchurch group is planning a "massive anti-Asian rally" in Queen St after its recruiting drive in Auckland, its leader, Kyle Chapman, told the Herald yesterday.

The Right Wing Resistance is handing out flyers in areas with high Asian population, such as Pakuranga, Howick and Northcote, claiming an Asian invasion is taking place.

Mr Chapman, a former National Front leader, said the drive was to recruit "like-minded Kiwis" to organise the rally, which the group plans to stage before the general election on November 26.

He said the Resistance was against mass Asian immigration, because Asian migrants "stole jobs" and "destroyed white New Zealand culture and heritage".

When intense economic conditions kill off people’s belief in democratic capitalism, they turn to other forms of legitimacy. We saw the rise of fascism and communism in the 30s due in part to the crushing impact of crippling economic conditions.

Those not so bright will rush to the old scars, look at the rise of the BNP in Britain and the NZ connections on the BNP politician list, a couple of quiet unassuming NZers living here in NZ...

Three Kiwis on far-right party's list
A detailed membership list for the far-right British National Party has been leaked, revealing that the white supremacist party's influence reaches as far as New Zealand. The list, which contains 16,000 names, many with contact details, was published on the website Wikileaks. Three New Zealanders appeared on the list.

...and look at how the fascist movement in NZ are attempting to currently sow the seeds of hate this month...

Stop The Asian Invasion
Anyone wanting to be part of a Nation Wide 'Stop the Asian Invasion' Campaign are welcome to Email us on rwrnz@hotmail.com. This will also put you on the emailing list. We are currently in the preparation stage. Looking at mass mail drops and poster runs around New Zealand. This will be happening in about a months time, around the end of April. We will be printing T-shirts for this act of resistance. Time to step up and show that we are NOT happy with what these lefty do-gooders and money hungry government power mongers are doing to us. We must resist this Invasion of our Country that will end with us being worker slaves to foreign owned companies, many of whom are Asians. If we want to stay free, we have to do something!!

...let's hope they are just a bunch of angry skinny white kids who all desperately need a joint, but if I was America wanting to destabilize a Washington Consensus country away from China's sphere of influence, well resourced xenophobic racist pro white provocateurs would be the cheapest and most reliable method.

We can see how the Government is preparing for the social malaise from economic collapse: vast new surveillance powers for every state department, the ability to take your DNA on mere arrest, the increasing prison population, the need to privatize it to keep feeding people into prison, the streamlining of the Court system so that you are judged and sentenced via remote, the broadening of what can be defined as ‘a gang’ (it’s 3 people) which then triggers surveillance powers and the ability to seize and freeze your assets.

As the global economy wrestles to deal with States who took on corporate debt now starting to wobble under that weight and the current cures causing talk of a credit down grade in the US, we have a Government rapidly and quietly increasing it's Police powers with little or no over sight while right wing paramilitary groups start active recruitment drives.

The challenge for liberal progressives will be to fight these forces on all fronts to protect the civil rights and freedoms we have fought so long and hard for. That fight gets harder and harder as economic uncertainty caused by unregulated casino shock capitalism decimates communities.



At 12/5/11 6:42 pm, Blogger Grant Woods said...

Auckland is, demonstrably, the most tolerant city in this Nation.

Importing the hate that they have tried to foster in Canterbury is doomed to fail.

Bring on your Queen St march!


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