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Friday, May 20, 2011

This budget is an epic fail!

As NZers feel the real pain of this steep recession, what is National's response? A joke masquerading as an economic policy! This is all smoke and bloody mirrors! In May 2008, Treasury forecast growth rates for the next three years of 1.5 per cent, 2.3 per cent and 3.2 per cent. Instead, we got -1.1 per cent, -0.4 per cent and -0.1 per cent. Treasury's claims of 4% growth demands we urine test Treasury for smoking meth!

The real story in this budget is about National Party economic incompetence. The economy was in decline well before the second Christchurch earthquake. Bill English described his GST tax rise which subsidized a tax cut for the wealthiest NZers as 'turbo charging' the economy. It in fact led to a billion dollar deficit in our tax revenue, this is National's mistake and we are paying for it.

While corporate media pundit after corporate media pundit tell us this zero budget in the worst recession this country has seen since the 1929 Great Depression is 'moderate' and will simply 'tinker' with the public services many NZers in poverty need, the reality is that those on the bottom will be worse off after this father of all budgets in drag.

Why should the poorest in NZ suffer and do with less for an economic recession they had NO HAND in making? How many solo mothers were on the phone to their wall st stockbrokers in 2007 buying lite crude in Euros while speculating on the Goldman Sachs derivatives market???

In the words of scribe, not many if any.

We should not be slashing public services, but we should also not be borrowing $380million per week, we should be growing the revenue base so that we don't borrow AND we increase social spending, and we increase that revenue base by implementing a Hone Heke Transaction Tax so corporates pay their fair share, we implement a land tax and a Capital Gains tax. There are alternatives to this austerity and allowing National to privatize our assets for a pittance ($7billion) which will only cover us for 7 months of borrowing is just the pure definition of utter madness.

NZers vote in November to decide if this do nothing Government's tax cuts for the rich at the cost of public services while corporate welfare escalates is really the Country they want. Remember, these changes will be mild compared to what the next Finance Minister Don Brash will implement.

A vote for John is a vote for Don.



At 20/5/11 11:01 am, Blogger dave said...

National's 'mistake'? No its NACTs policy to screw us to pay for their crisis. Its a typical bludgers budget. Its our 'mistake' to think we need to lie back and think of NZ while we eat shit.

At 20/5/11 10:36 pm, Blogger Nitrium said...

There is no-one in this government that remotely understands what the f**k is going on. Tragically it doesn't look like they will be stopped. The Romans already knew that Bread and Circuses is all it takes to keep the population blissfully unaware. While the country goes down the drain, we all sit comatose with Masterchef, twitter and facebook, while collecting endless benefits financed from non-existant tax revenue to feed the family in a country with no decent jobs. The smile and wave is merely the icing on the cake. This government is all the proof you need to see that democracy delivers total failure every bit as easily as success.

At 21/5/11 12:30 am, Blogger fatty said...

Forget the fact that we have made employment flexible...
Forget the fact most careers span about 5 years...
Forget the fact we have an aging population...
Forget the fact there is an increasing number of people getting welfare in retirement...
Forget the fact we impose individual responsibility onto the elderly...

John Key: "If you are over 55 please go sit in the corner and die quickly and quietly"



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