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Monday, May 16, 2011

Thank God for the courage of Penny Hulse

Thank God Aucklanders have Penny Hulse to show real political leadership and call the rammed through dogs breakfast that Rodney 'damaged toxic goods' Hide has made of the Auckland Super City for what it is - 'expensive, unwieldy, and unfriendly to communities'...

Super City is not working - deputy mayor
The deputy mayor of the new Auckland Super City says the $200 million reform of the region's local government is not working for communities.

...let's not forget that National and ACT originally planned for their boy John Banks to win the election and set the Super City up as a vehicle to mass privatize Auckland's assets in a quick fire raffle sale to their corporate mates (the ones former Minister of State Owned Assets Simon Power is about to get a job from). The fact Len Brown stole a land slide that none of the mainstream media saw coming (but Tumeke did) has thrown all those privatization dreams aside and has left those trying to run the deformed monster the Super City ended up becoming, struggling to explain to Aucklanders how unwieldy the beast has turned out to be.

The haste with which National allowed Rodney Hide to annex Auckland and ram that annexation through Parliament with as little dialogue as possible has left a result that every Aucklander should be angry with...

The Aucklander reported yesterday that the new council paid $8.75 million to consultants in its first five months for planning reports because of a shortage of planning staff.

Ms Hulse told the paper the council had 7800 staff compared with a planned 8500, down from 10,000 in councils it replaced.

Redundancy payments to axed staff and other costs of creating the Super City were put in March at $200 million.

She said yesterday that the costing did not include "time trying to find the right person, it's time trying to go through a complex and bureaucratic approach to business".

...the SuperCity has to be re-examined and new legislation enacted to correct the abomination Rodney Hide and National have saddled onto Auckland minus the misuse of urgency they used to create this mistake in the first place.



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