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Monday, May 30, 2011

Stuff also add David Farrar as a blogger - more unbalanced bias from corporate media

UPDATE: The Stuff.co.nz on-line editor has just announced they are now seeking a counter left wing opinion to Farrar in the wake of my criticism. I applaud Stuff for accepting balance is important, and hope that the NZ Herald follows their lead on this issue as we go into the most ideological election in modern political history. Again whom a Newspaper select as their columnist is their right that we must protect in a free media, but allowing a hard right Government pollster unchallenged space to present what is effectively spin lines for the Government is something that no citizen wants from their media.

In a shocking move, Stuff.co.nz have followed The NZ Herald's definition of 'balance' by appointing propagandist and National Party on-line mouthpiece, David Farrar as their on-line political columnist.

This after Farrar was outed by Stuff's own Sunday Star Times as being part of a plot to over throw MMP!

I have already blogged my complaints about NZ Herald appointing a Pollster and apologist for the Government and restate it isn't an issue of who the free press appoints, but an issue of balance.

Why can't any number of brilliant left wing bloggers share a space for a counter opinion against someone so in the pocket of the Government? The talented Julie Fairey over at Hand Mirror, Brown at Public Address, Trotter at Bowalley Rd, Idiot-Savant at No Right Turn - any of them could front foot it with the Head of Slitherin House, but it seems the Corporate Media in this election have zero interest at balance.

It is surprising that Labour have managed to record over 30% in the latest opinion polls when the bias from the corporate media is as intense and as one sided as this.



At 30/5/11 7:11 pm, Blogger Nitrium said...

Well we have you Bomber. Fuck MSM, I stopped reading their drivel years ago.


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