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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Sending unemployed youth to war is not an employment solution

Funds for youth training boosted
The Government has beefed up funding for youth training but dumped its nearly $30 million-a-year Community Max scheme.

In a pre-Budget announcement yesterday, Prime Minister John Key said $55.2 million would be made available over four years to get young people into jobs. The money comes from the Ministry of Social Development's budget.

Paula Bennett announced $55 million dollars over 4 years to tackle the massive youth unemployment rate they've created because of their mismanagement of the economy.

$55 Million sounds like a lot, until you realize that almost half of it will be spent on 6 week boot camps run by the military. What's up with Paula wanting to spend almost half of her measly amount to combat youth unemployment by training them up for combat?

NEWS FLASH TO PAULA BENNET: You can't reduce youth unemployment figures by sending unemployed youth to fight in Afghanistan!



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