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Sunday, May 15, 2011

The redneck hate of Hone and the Auckland Uni protest

Hone's use of white mofos raping and pillaging the land from Maori isn't racist, it's historical fact. On One Tree Hill, Sir John Campell Logan's monument to the Maori People was meant as a memorial to the passing of the entire race, such were the dire statistics from the impact of colonialism. Maori made up 50% of the nation of NZ in the 1860's, but fell to only 10% by 1891 with them holding less than 17% of their land by the turn of the century. If I was part of an indigenous culture whose experience resulted in near collapse of the entire race, then I'd be pretty justified in being genuinely pissed off about the manner in which that experience had been sold as 'universally positive so shut up' as well.

I was at the Marae on Thursday at Auckland University to watch the latest chapter in Hone's history of activism on campus. The last time, this Marae was still being fought for by Maori students from the Auckland University. 30 years ago the Engineers at Auckland Uni were not the multi racial split gendered professional students of today, they were predominately white provincial and rednecked. Every capping year they would get drunk, wear hardhats, grass skirts, gumboots and paint racist slogans on their bodies, burst into lecture rooms and perform a bastardized version of the haka.

They had been asked year after year to stop this as Maori students found it deeply offensive, the Engineers would laugh and say it was all just some fun. One year Hone and some friends turned up, came onto campus sorted it out. The Engineers NEVER pulled that shit ever again.

Fast forward and once again he's facing off against rednecks, this time their threats and violence have spooked the Auckland University into dumping him from using a lecture room so it was held on the Marae. The Young Nat President (the on campus president) yelled out that Hone was a liar for claiming the lecture had been moved by rednecks, Hone responded to the Young Nat President by warning him before he calls him a liar on this Marae, the Young Nat President nodded his head while his mates tried to shush him. They quickly clicked the rigor of dinner parties in well heeled suburbs hadn't prepare them for this and they were out of their depth. The Young Nat President's claim that there was no racism seemed defensive and self delusional because the open sewer of what some NZers think about Maori has been opened like a pus filled boil on facebook Hate speech groups.

Take a gander at 'Get out of our government Hone Harawira you piece of crap' - now the first thing one would note of course is that Hone is not in fact 'in' Government, he is 'in' Parliament, but once you start reading the comments, you quickly realize general knowledge is not a strong point.

Andrew Bell questions the manner in which Mana members are born, "The mana party is the result of new zealand being a welfare state for decades too long. All the members were born hands first"

Nick Broome feels that If the white man didnt come along Maori would still be running around in their grass skirts wondering were all the moa went!!!!!

Rachy Malone gets personal "Hone harawia isnt even worth an insult... Pathetic little hori thinking that hes relevant. Give it up bro, lay off that boil up and fry bread while you're at it lol."

Steve Bagz Lunjevich isn't racist, but...l sorry, haven't been racist on this page till now but sick of hearing all you maoris complain. get the fuck over it alright. compared to other indigenous people around the globe you guys have it pretty fucken sweet. Your like spoilt little brats, you get nearly everything you want but you still feel mistreated, you don't know how lucky you are, look at the abos in Australia they have nothing compared to you. if they said they wanted abo seats and an abo party they would get laughed at! and goes onto note i hope this fagot runs outa time for his bi election, that would be priceless..

Paul Harris decides he is glad he isn't a Maori, while I'm ashamed he's a NZer... Wow, he studied at Auck University and still talks like a rock ape. See his sad little face when a protest stopped his ramble at Auck Uni? Us poor Maoris dont have as much grey matter as use fellas so we need extra stuff. Man, glad im not a Maori.... shame! Having an MP that declares to the world that maori blood is special-needs blood.

Daniel Macarthur is convinced that Hone wants to spend taxpayer cash on a time machine...I'd love to put this man on and island and take away all the white man benefits such as roads,cars,power,phone,boats,aircraft,clothes,tv, money... basicly a naked hone on a bare island with nothing and then he may actually be greatful of what europeans have brought him.. could make a good reality tv show "Naked Hone vs Wild" ?? the only thing he wont miss will be the fishery officers..

And on and on it goes like an open raw redneck sewer of willful ignorance and garden variety racism.

On the night Hone defended the use of $500 000 for the by-election. Why was it an issue when he went to a by-election, no fuss over Botany, Mana or Mt Albert was there? And he went over the way the mainstream media manipulated his Osama misquote and spoke to the values of fighting for the poor that motivates him. The Young Nats, waving the NZ Flag who turned up to protest Hone blushed several shades of crimson over their misperceived ignorance at times and left muzzled with some of their assumptions challenged.

The next meeting on Campus will be 7pm this Thursday to launch Mana on campus.



At 15/5/11 11:03 am, Blogger Hihiria said...

Thanks for posting this, Bomber. The mainstream media in NZ has alot to answer for. I'm supporting Mana & I'm not surprised at the backlash from NZers, this country is still in denial of the effects of colonisation on indigenous people. Look at our education system's amnesia, especially where local histories are concerned. Change the way history is told & you'll have a much more tolerant mainstream NZ (or not..).

At 15/5/11 12:45 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

C'mon bomber, this is the most manipulated peice of media yet, completely one sided, where all the qoutes from Te Mana supporters saying they want to use pakehas asses as kicking practise, calling all pakeha overstayers cracker this cracker that etc etc, you probably wont even let this comment be put up as this dribble is so manipulated. I have seen this page, and there are a couple of severe comments made about race which is not good, but it IS coming from both sides, alot of the posts on that page have good discussions and its just a page for not supporting Hone, maybe i should take some screen shoots of Te Mana extremists and email them to you... so you have all the CORRECT information?

At 15/5/11 12:48 pm, Blogger Tim said...

Just a question......might that be the same Paul Harris ex-Onslow College and married (or at least once married) to a red haired lapsed Catholic lady? If so........how some people's priciples change when they reach comfort.

At 15/5/11 1:14 pm, Blogger Bomber said...

S you purposely misrepresent what I'm saying now the dogs of peoples lesser natures are off the leash and the hone hate speech is making moderates recoil.

There is an anger amongst Maori at the manner colonization has impacted them for the very reasons I wrote, that is a righteous anger. White anger at being reminded of those past histories when attempting to understand the poverty of the present is not legitimate, it's ignorance. And that is why one can be called above the other.

At 15/5/11 8:51 pm, Blogger James said...

"Hone's use of white mofos raping and pillaging the land from Maori isn't racist, it's historical fact."

This kind of comment is as insensitive as the racism you are decrying. Why don't you try practicing what you're preaching, huh?

At 16/5/11 1:26 am, Blogger apple cheeked, potato shaped girl said...

Listening seems to have gone out of fashion in this country.

@ S, "cracker", "white"...not the same as "hori", "nigger" or even "black", referrals to the colour of my skin are positive.

It means at best I was statistically more likely to be born to privilege and at worst I was born with only the privilege of living in a society where my culture and values were the norm.

I don't believe "white" people are offended or hurt by it, they are threatened. It means someone is angry.

We can focus on feeling indignant over perceived hypocrisies, or we can open our eyes, ears and brains and learn a little.

At 16/5/11 12:23 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bomber: some facts on Hone & last week's stuff-up. The person who invited Hone to speak was not a lecturer - she is the Maori liasion officer and a part-time student and she asked Hone on behalf of the Maori Student Law Assoc. AU Rules are only lecturers can invite and host external speakers. And last week none were involved (oh BTW she also did not tell the FOL of her personal invite). Had a lecturer been involved, meet would have been advertised - not restricted & everyone would have been happier - No problem there. The host lecturer also organises security and ensures a room is booked and then closed after every person leaves. So had miss Maori liasion person asked a lecturer to invite Hone he would not have to suffer the crap he suffered. And Hone would not be making the unjust criticisms of the law faculty - it was not its fault - nor his - but a student. kia ora

At 16/5/11 7:43 pm, Blogger CrownRetro said...

So "miss Maori liasion person" made the "stuff-up." Convenient.

Although a somewhat minor role, "miss Maori liasion person" is still technically part of the university faculty; actually student liasons are an underated and important part of the university, I may proudly add. Anyway, someone from admin or faculty with a little foresight, humility, and good sense could have lent a hand; but no.

I'd wager if Don Brash or John Key was put in the same human-erred and awkward situation, I bet the National deficit the dorkland uni faculty, admin, and the caretaker would have scrambled your little butts to accomodate him. For Hone, no way!

At 17/5/11 8:35 am, Blogger Hillary said...

You need to get your facts right. The President of the Young Nats wasn't even at Hone's speech at the Marae.

Don't know who you're referring to but an apology is due or an edit of his post.

At 17/5/11 8:38 am, Blogger Hillary said...

Bommer, you need to check your facts as the President of the Young Nats wasn't even at the Marae the evening when Hone sprouted off.

Making untruthful remarks about someone who wasn't even there is not a tidy look.

Who ever the idiot was who was mouthing off at Hone one thing is for sure. It was not the President of the Young Nats.

At 17/5/11 8:50 am, Blogger Bomber said...

Hillary I have not made myself clear. I am referring to the President of the Young Nats on campus - not the national President of the Young Nats.

At 17/5/11 10:22 am, Blogger muttonpies said...

Well done on continuing age old traditions of completely one sided journalism, to condemn with out reflection is a selfish act of arrogance on your part bomber

At 17/5/11 1:01 pm, Blogger Hillary said...

But the President of the Young Nats on campus is actually a lovely young lady, no some upstart. The person you refer to must be the president of Act on Campus.Lay into them with all power as they're mad.

At 17/5/11 1:24 pm, Blogger Comixarma Kid said...

And smug well done back to you on continuing the age old tradition of joining the mob mindlessly condemning those that question the dodgy antics of mainstream establishments.

At 17/5/11 2:34 pm, Blogger Frank said...

Funny thing about racists, Bomber, is that when you actually try to 'nail' them down on what they really mean by "Maoris getting handouts" - they either don't reply; become evasive; or launch into anti-Waitangi Treaty spiels.

How many actually know anything sensible about Treay claims? Not many, if a- (Nah, I can't say it...)

One foolish person claimed on a Trademe thread that Maori receive education scholarships from the government which pakeha don't have access to.

Now to his credit, when I bailed him up on that, and informed him that such scholarships were paid and organised by Iwi - not government-funded - he gracefully accepted his mistake.

It's a shame that other racists are not as amenable to understanding the realities of our history and current situation.

But that's ignorance for you. It's comforting for them because it doesn't require any real thought or compassion.

After all, one doesn't see very many intelligent racists around...

At 17/5/11 2:38 pm, Blogger Frank said...

"The person you refer to must be the president of Act on Campus. Lay into them with all power as they're mad." - Hillary

Oh, the irony...

At 17/5/11 3:37 pm, Blogger SAS book said...

Bomber, I know you're a self hating white, but "white mofos" didn't "rape" this land, the British did. Did the Russians, Danes, Polish colonize New Zealand? They are white, are they the white mofos too?? the same ones that raped this land? Seeing as it was white mofos, they must have, since they are white. Take your views back to North Korea dude.

At 17/5/11 7:06 pm, Blogger Evan said...

Hey Ra is this your site?

At 17/5/11 7:14 pm, Blogger muttonpies said...

No I'm not condemning those who question, I'm questioning those who mirror the same biased processes in their reporting... Not joining the mob just disappointed to see the same styles repeated by those who think they are doing things in new ways but merely doing a worse job of what has already been going on in propoganda for years.

At 17/5/11 11:18 pm, Blogger Comixarma Kid said...

No, you weren't questioning. You passed judgement, with a hollow, cosmetic statement.

Show an example Bomber mirroring establishment reporting? Actually, you're refering to this post, where do you see "the same biased processes in their reporting" here? Oh, you're talking about the "process..." different sides of the same journalistic coin, and Bomber using the same traditional, age old practices and frames, right.

And it's "merely a worse job," lol.

What makes you somewhat remotely different from the mobbish hyperbolic is your transparent excuse of journalistic critique.


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