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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Q+A, The Nation Review

Last weeks ratings
Q+A: 179 890
The Nation: 53 260

The Nation
After last weeks awful show, it must get better this week. Funny point about Lindsey Perigo is now the ACT Party communications spin dr - a libertarian on the state pay roll - oh the irony.

Duncan is having a go at the Hollow Brian, Steven Joyce over this gift he's given Telecom. I love how Joyce is holding up MED advice to defend his argument, yet wasn't holding up MED advice when it came to them advising against giving Mediaworks a $43 million loan at a rate IronBridge could not have gained on the open market.

Tumeke Editor Tim Selwyn has already pointed out why this internet deal is such a lame duck and just another freebie to bloody Telecom.

This Government is all about Corporate deals done dirt cheap and Steven Joyce is the Grand Old Cyclops of those deals.

Seeing as Joyce handed Mediaworks so much money, it's a patsy interview followed up by a patsy competition where Steven Joyce is the answer. Unbelievable.

I officially refuse to be shocked by the bias on The Nation any longer, they are becoming as fair and balanced as the NZ Herald.

Next story about one of our mandarins leaving for a cushy job at the World Bank. Surprisingly John Whitehead won't be prosecuted for crimes against the poor.

Sean corners him on Treasury's position against Joyce's claims that the Telecom deal is as sweet as he is pretending.

John Whitehead claims that Treasury cares which is the loudest and longest laugh I've had for years.

Gareth Morgan is attacking this Free Trade Deal bullshit attempting to kill off Pharmac. I still don't understand how the sleepy Hobbits of NZ don't see the danger that is looming from this free trade deal.

The Dark Lord of the Sith from the Pharmucetical industry here to destroy Pharmac makes the soothing noises that keeps the sleepy Hobbits from waking.

Good to see Noelle McCarthy on, pretense at balance makes The Nation feel slightly less like a National Party political broadcast.

How does Damien Christie write to Holme's presentation style? How? He deserves a special award for media monologue writing for a media monolith. Brilliant joke re Tau's writing abilities, great biting attack on Paula Bennett's bullshit handing over of an untendered public contract which will be the first of many corporate contracts in social services.

The new Wellington Mayor Celia Wade Brown is on the panel, she's good. Joined by Canterbury University Vice Chancellor Rod Carr and of course Dr Jon Johansson.

They all bitch about the stupidity of Wellywood sign (come on Wellington, you can do better than that).

Mandarin Whitehead gets another salute, at least Guyon kicks his shins in over the bullshit Treasury growth predictions (FINALLY!) and challenges him on the170 000 jobs creation bullshit (bloody English cut and paste the same number of jobs).

Look, the bloody Treasury are out with their predictions because we face a unique crises of capitalism akin to the 1929 stock market collapse and Treasury hasn't been able to adapt.

Great to see Guyon challenge him on Treasury's promotion of privatization while pretending to care about the poor.

Compare this interview with what was on The Nation and you understand why Q+A out rates The Nation by such a massive margin. Excellent interview.

Panel notes that Treasury acceptance of inequality as a measure for social benefits is welcome, but how much of a pretense that is needs to be examined.

Sam Morgan, fundy free marketeer who boasts about not having to pay any Tax is on promoting his next attempt at mega profits minus paying any tax.




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