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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Q+A, The Nation Review

Last weeks ratings
Q+A: 206 220
The Nation: 86 300

The Nation
Pathetic, Garner is pathetic. After such a bullshit budget he doesn't manage to get one scratch on Bill English. NOT ONE! It wasn't an interview, it was a hand job. Is the bias towards the Government pay back for the $43 million loan the Government gave Mediaworks at a rate Ironbridge wasn't able to achieve on the open market?

Seeing as The Nation can't ask hard questions, how about I write them for you?

"Bill English, why did you promise 170 000 jobs in the 2010 budget AND the 2011 budget? Did you accidentally repeat the same lie about employment two years in a row or do you think NZers are stupid enough not to check last years speech".

That's one question The Nation could have asked.

What about the joke Treasury predictions? Garner doesn't even attack English over them - unbelievable! In May 2008, Treasury forecast growth rates for the next three years of 1.5 per cent, 2.3 per cent and 3.2 per cent. Instead, we got -1.1 per cent, -0.4 per cent and -0.1 per cent. Treasury's claims of 4% growth demands we urine test Treasury for smoking meth! Does Duncan challenge him on the bullshit from Treasury? Not at all.

Cunliffe was polite on The Nation and politeness = weak. He should get stuck straight into Garner - ATTACK THE MEDIA AND DUNCAN over his disgusting attempt at holding English to account, because the one sided bullshit Garner vomited up this morning can only be attacked, it can't be dealt with in polite soft tones. Point out that with such bias the NZ public aren't hearing the real issues.

If Garner's interview with English was a handjob, he get's right down on his knee's for Rodger Douglas. All I could see is Garners head bobbing up and down under the desk. God it's deplorable.

I'm actually switching it off now, The Nation is becoming fair and balanced as Fox News. What an abysmal fail today's show was.

What the political media elite in NZ are missing is the growing anger from the poor, they have missed what is really going on.


Guyon running things, he always makes a better host than Holmes, there I said it.

Opening monologue is good, is Damien Christie on holiday?

Creech, Johansson and Mike Williams on the panel, good balance, something The Nation (or the NZ Herald) know nothing about.

Guyon challenges English, he is claiming it is interest rates we need to avoid, seeing as the global economy is about to face its next set of shocks I don't think that's much he can seriously deal with.

English looks tired, he know's his budget has got nothing, and it's a mere shade of what a Brash-Key Government will do!

Guyon challenges English on his use of 170 000 jobs in 2010 AND his 170 000 jobs in 2011 - something The Nation couldn't manage, seriously who the hell is doing the research at The Nation? A mentally damaged chimp? Is a mentally damaged chimp doing the research at The Nation? English fumbles the question, hates having this fact presented to him, he said 170 000 jobs in 2010, he has made the same bullshit promise this budget. He is lying.

Guyon challenges English on the 'hope' of a Quake rebuild and Rugby World Cup to lift the economy. It is utterly unbelievable.

Guyon attacks English's nonsense on debt.

Guyon attacks the Governments joke on selling assets for 7 billion which will only cover 7 months worth of borrowing. The free domestic shares idea is interesting. English claims he won't sell assets before the election yet he has banked the money in the budget already!!!

Guyon brings up the bullshit Treasury predictions, maybe The Nation should watch Q+A first before they do their show? Seriously everyone involved in The Nation's production this week should be sacked. ALL of them.

Interesting that English is anti prisons (they cost soooo much) and he is at least accepting that the build prison uber alles is bullshit. English describes prisons as a moral and fiscal failure! I like that quote, I will use it a lot.

The reality is that NZers understand that the problems we face are massive, unique and akin to the stock market collapse of 1929 and have shut their wallets. The consumer culture will not be back for another 10 years and this is why Treasury and the bean counters are totally out of their depth.

The panel are on, (I like the feedback during the show, nice touch). Creech notes how the borrowing has become personalized, Jon points out budget doesn't solve that issue. Williams notes John Armstrong's attack on the joke figures being used by Treasury. The panel agree that the budget isn't working, and the law and order bullshit gets called on the emotional crap that it is. Good to see reason creeping into law and order.

Goff is on (I wish I had been at the Labour Conference this year, it looks like it was very worthwhile) Labour have done a great job by suggesting a Ministry for Children and Goff identifies the needs to reinvest into our people. We need R&D tax credits, it was shocking that National dumped them. Goff needs a political partner like the Greens and Mana to expand the revenue base rather than borrow and cut public services.

NZers now know what Key will do. Hard right voters will leave them and move to ACT while the moderates who backed Key will flee the possibility of a Brash-Key Government to the Greens and Labour.

The election is not the cake walk that the right wing have pretended,

3/5 - Excellent show



At 22/5/11 10:35 am, Blogger Tim said...

3/5 IS EXCELLENT? It seems like from this review you were gasping for air with joy so I can't wait to be a five :)

It's great to see some of these questions being asked but the issue is that hardly anyone actually watches this, and those that do would already be politically savvy enough to understand what is going on. The issue is that these messages are not getting across to the mainstream.

There needs to be a serious reaction to these proposed asset sales, but the question is how are we going to mobilise the troops?

Mr B? Over to you.

At 22/5/11 10:45 am, Blogger Carl said...

Nice analysis Bomber! Your not after a job on T.V 1 are ya?

It's my understanding that the $380 million borrowed each week largely funds the "tax cuts for the rich" that we keep hearing about? In that sense the decision to take that debt on was a choice and not something the Nat's were forced to do with a gun to their heads. If that is the case? Then why are they using our multi billion dollar deficit to justify the cuts to WFF, Kiwisaver etc?

It seems to me that we are being driven towards the same cliff that Ireland (the model success story 5-10 years ago), Greece and the like have recently been thrown off. If this is the case then get ready for austerity measures NZ! Reduced wages, increased taxes and what ever else they can think of to siphon off middle class wealth. For me the current NZ story fits in with the larger global right wing agenda.

Consider private prisons, higher taxes (petrol, carbon, food), Free Trade (TPP), increased debt, increased speculation in our natural resourses...the list goes on and on.

NZ has to wake up! Sever such close ties with the US, stop listening to standard & poors (completely corrupt like the IMF) and put the welfare of people first. Sure you can't be completely isolationist, but why sell the soul and greater positive world vision of all people to maintain a corrupt and self serving oligarchy!

This country is heading for a fall!


At 22/5/11 5:38 pm, Blogger AAMC said...

"There needs to be a serious reaction to these proposed asset sales, but the question is how are we going to mobilise the troops?"

Isn't there a march up Queen St this Saturday in reaction to the budget, I have no knowledge of it's organisers, but it would be counter productive to see a dismal turnout for the media to point as an example of an acceptance of the budget.

So get it on facebook and walk like an Egyptian.

At 27/5/11 9:30 am, Blogger Damian said...

Sorry to disappoint you Martyn, I wrote that opening monologue too :) See, you like it even when you don't realise it's still me... just admit you love me. x


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