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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Q+A, The Nation Review

Last weeks ratings
Q+A: 185 910
The Nation: 98 850

The Nation
Sean is up and running, Duncan is on his stag party apparently. First story is those bloody greedy Baby Boomers still feasting on the rind of public services. The entire episode is focused on the issue, well done The Nation for treating their audience as intelligent people who can spend longer than 40minutes concentrating.

These damned greedy baby boomers who all got their education for free are still devouring our taxpayer funds faster than Don Brash can attack John Key. The retirement age must be lifted to 70 now! The reason the ratio of greedy baby boomers to workers is so out of whack is made more extreme by the fact a million NZers have fled the country.

The silver cloud is supposed to be the building boom in retirement buildings which is exactly what we need, more property speculation from them. Damn it, will they keep costing us when they are dead as well? When will we start to be forced into providing taxpayer cryogenics to this generation of vanity!

When oh when will Gen Xers overthrow these damned boomers!

Bill and Matt are the panel, excellent choices. Bill says that he wants the changes to happen in 10 years - GREAT so we get screwed while you don't take any of the pain? Bloody baby boomers!

Paul Holmes monologue up and running. Mildly amusing, Watkins must have written it.

Great joke about Chris Hipkens though.

American Ambassador gets roasted by Guyon on whether or not he's looked into allegations made by our Government that civilians we handed over were abused by the Americans. The ambassador couldn't answer the question, Guyon asks shouldn't he look at it, he says he doesn't waste his time looking at that. It is an aggressive interview that the Ambassador doesn't seem prepared for at all.

Guyon keeps going and demands answers that the Ambassador won't answer, is this public service payback for the BBC screwing John Key so badly last week on HardTalk? We send our troops to Afghanistan and America restores diplomatic status, Guyon asks if the two are connected. Ambassador refuses to answer.

Guyon rightfully points out that the free trade deal America wants will allow corporations to sue us in overseas tribunals. The Ambassador says he doesn't have a personal opinion on that.

God it's a bloodbath of an interview, well done Guyon!

Helen Kelly and Fran O'Sullivan are on the panel with Jon Johansson. First up Fran is apologizing for his performance during the interview, I swear it was that bad!

Minor Party discussion.

It is discussion that is minor.



At 15/5/11 12:26 pm, Blogger Jellygirl said...

Come on Martyn, experienced politicians, three of whom have supply and confidence with National and will vote for the Budget. Two of whom are party leaders. Clear differences of policy, talk about actual policies - levies, free education and health checks, compulsory super, new taxes, cut taxes. Some political passion... Hardly minor!

At 15/5/11 12:42 pm, Blogger Bomber said...

SIGH - You are right Jellygirl, but hearing four parties, all of whom have arrangements with the Government, was like listening to franchise managers squabbling over the marketing plan.

At 15/5/11 1:24 pm, Blogger Fantail said...

Don't let your excitement about Mana blind you to the importance of the middle class.

The minor party debate was quite relevant. Russel Norman looking serious, sounding serious - managing his image - making Roger Douglas sound like the geriatric ass he is on economics was worth tuning in for. More performances like that will bleed National's liberal middle class swingers.

At 15/5/11 1:55 pm, Blogger Tim said...

@ Bomber: Not unlike a couple of Mainstram Media hacks trawling through Wellington only a couple of years ago - sampling the wares: one with a penchant for a Mihi, the other wondering where the hell he is/was at. (Pleased to see he's apparenly decided)
FUNDAMENTALLY dishonest. Never mind - they both reflect a mainstream view that is now so out of touch it doesn't really matter - a Q+A or a MATION. Same shit - different stink

At 17/5/11 2:40 pm, Blogger Frank said...

Why does "The Nation" seem to consist of predominantly white, 30s/40s males?

At least "Q + A" seems to make an effort to get a better cross-section of society...


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