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Sunday, May 08, 2011

Q+A, The Nation Review

Last weeks ratings
Didn't get sent them this week. Are they dodgy now?

The Nation
It's the Rodney Hide interview, and he's about to turn the tables on everyone, will he stand as an independent?

This weeks Scoop is Richard Griffen's reign of terror on Radio NZ's Grand Piano collection (very important for public broadcasting those grand pianos).

Rodney is on. He's looking cornered, he's defending his record. Disagreeing with Don publicly now over details of his leaving. Is he looking to leave? Is he throwing in the towel? Is he standing as an independent in Epsom? Rodney now opening up about the coup. Don came to Rodney and told him it was a two person ticket along with Banks with Rodney shown the door. It's brutal.

The corporate coup element is not touched on.

Duncan is putting the flame on Rodney for his perk busting hypocrisy. He swims up stream. Duncan hits him where it really hurts and that is how Rodney morphed away from the free market into the Sensible Sentencing Trust monster it became. Rodney fires up and claims that's all a lie and blames the media, claims Duncan is too stupid to understand economics. Duncan fires back does Hide take responsibility for Garrett.

It's gotten terse now and Hide still refuses with hubris his role in making ACT a redneck party.

Prebs is on to kiss Brash's arse, he's saving face for Hide. Prebs claims Don has the economic answers, yet all Don has spoken about this week is that Maori are not special in NZ. Ridiculous isn't it? Dumping Rodney because he was too redneck on law and order to replace him with Don Brash who is a redneck on race.

Sean is pointing out how poor Northland is which leads into an excellent story on the economic problems of the far North. Problem with the GDP numbers is that they don't include the marijuana industry. Decriminalize and Northland would boom. A farmer is on complaining only one of his houses is made of solid gold. Wayne Brown is blaming the 'un-earners', Hone is on saying he wants to put an end to welfare dependency, but points out Government focus is necessary. Bloody Phil O'Reilly has been picked to come up with ideas for the far north. God forbid.

Getting the editors of regional papers on was a good idea.

Holmes announces a new panel discussion segment specially for download on Mondays. Stop copying Citizen A.

The panel is Dr Jon Johansson, Micheal Barnett is on snd John Pagani is described as a left wing strategist? Really? Really?

The monologue is ok. It should be funny though.

Guyon is grilling Rodney Hide. The Brash love child rumour is up and running, I heard this rumour last week and have a fair idea that it's being leaked from inside the Hide cult. Hide is defending his political legacy. Guyon knows there is another ticking bomb on Brash, Guyon asks Hide directly if he knows about this, Hide says he doesn't know (but caveats that by pointing out that he hasn't dug into Brash's past personally).

Hide now claiming that he is retracting from his comments on The Nation, Hide is playing games. He's good at it.

Guyon chatting with the Russel Norman. He makes the excellent point that the Osama assassination was not rule of law, and that the West is supposed to live up to rule of law. Excellent question by Guyon on whether or not the new GG is appropriate now there is a cloud over his role in handing citizens over to torture. Big back down from Russel on attacking Mana, he is trying to make it a political argument, claims there is no class issue in 21st century??? He sweats when he is challenged that he's attacking Greens because Mana are a threat.

Let's be clear, Mana is no threat to the Greens, whatever Mana takes from the Greens, the Greens will win from the moderates who will flee National because of the threat of a Brash-Key Government.

He finishes very strong, on real policy. Points out the Greens are a liberal middle class party and that he wants to expand into the suburbs.

If the next Government is Labour-Greens-Mana Party and Maori Party, Russel is in the Cabinet.

All panel members refuse to accept that assassination teams shouldn't be illegal. Real questions about Jerry becoming GG. The honour of our soldiers demands that we have an inquiry.

Fascinating interview with Peter Arnett for his take on Bin Laden's death. Incredible insight. He gives an honest assessment about how bad Afghanistan is.

Great Current affairs debate.



At 8/5/11 10:30 am, Blogger AAMC said...

I don't know Bomber, it seemed to me much more like they have all swallowed the official establishment line and there isn't an ounce of historial context or critical thought amongst them. I'm just surprised they didn't start chanting USA, USA, USA....

Why not interview somebody who actually spends their life studying the region and the politics at play rather than a CNN journalist? Juan Cole for instance in all of his commentary has been pretty supportive of the operation, but at least talks about it in some sort of context and not by reading straight from a Pentagon script. I note that any critical discussion on the subject is written of as conspiracy theory. How convenient.

At 8/5/11 2:30 pm, Blogger T said...

Maybe you should include marae investigates to you weekly review I have found their shows really good latley especially since 1 and 3 seem to have the same guests now ...marae needs better panellists though donna a hutton bah

At 8/5/11 4:39 pm, Blogger Tim said...

Especially since pop-idol commentators are becoming two-a-penny.
mmmmmm.matters of law. "let's see if ww can get Bill Hodge. If he's busy, maybe Geoffrey, or as a last resort Mai Chen.
matters of criminality.........mmmmm let's see: maybe that Big Huey Fella - yea- him...Greg....you know Greg Newbold - he's popular with the queens too!....yea - let's get him

and so on
and so on and so on

Fuck me with a feather duster!
NZ Media: Grw the fuck up and put a little MEANING behind "4th Estate"

At 10/5/11 11:34 am, Blogger Jellygirl said...

Hi Martyn,

Just to bring you up to speed on the numbers from May 1:

Q+A (9-10am Sun 1st)



The Nation (10:30am Sat 30th April)


* Source: Nielsen TAM (Measurement: All people 5+ nationwide - average daily reach). Because of the diverse range of topics and interest on these shows this measurement recognises that viewers may tune in just for one interview/story and shows the total number of viewers who tune in across the hour.


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