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Thursday, May 05, 2011

The one person not celebrating Osama's death: Adam Yahiye Gadahn

The only person not celebrating Osama's death is Adam Yahiye Gadahn who now moves into number one spot on the FBI's most wanted list.

I wonder how that promotion went down with Adam's girlfriend over the phone?

"Yes I know i said it was only a weekend online supervisor role, but it's grown into a real job now. No I'm still not getting paid, but I hope to pick up some work with Hizbollah if they like what I'm doing. I've got to go, predator drone overhead. Allah Akbar."



At 5/5/11 11:05 am, Blogger Gosman said...

I think you might have missed your mate Mr Harawira lamenting the demise of the Osama the 'Freedom fighter'.

Hone Harawira is just a boon to the political right.

At 5/5/11 8:56 pm, Blogger jane said...

I think that way back, America supplied Bin L. with armaments to fight Russians in Afghanistan...just sayin'... and what only a few people worldwide had the guts to say about the inhumanity of the scenario (why is it that right wingers feel so justified when it comes to wasting life?) was maybe what Hone did voice to, well, respect the dead.


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