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Thursday, May 12, 2011

One law lecture for all

Hone Harawira's lecture has been cancelled - apparently because of the Young Nats' long standing tradition of barring Maoris from the commonroom or something:

The Mana Party leader was due to speak about the foreshore and seabed at Auckland University Law School.

"All of the rednecks at the university decided to create such a ruckus that the Law School cancelled it. In 2011 we're still being pushed around," Harawira said.

A Facebook page set up to promote the event attracted abusive and angry comments from both supporters of Harawira and the protesters who were against him.

Asked why this was an example of racism, Harawira said there were only Pakeha involved in the protest planned at Auckland University.

It's at the Marae now - 7pm. I note too that a week from now - budget day, the Mana party will launch a campus branch at the same venue:I wonder what role the Pakeha lefties at Auckland University will play in the campus branch? Auckland University once was a home to a great mass of socialists - a couple of them might have even actually been working class - but that was in the old days.

Meanwhile, Hone has also been completing the paperwork for the by-election. He quits officially on the 20th, with the by-election for Tai Tokerau on 25th June.

As yet still no name forthcoming as a candidate for the Maori Party. They have made quite an issue about running someone, but so far the only running going on is by their members - straight over to the Mana party. No-one can stand them or wants to stand for them.


At 12/5/11 7:31 pm, Blogger jabba said...

harawiri is a racist but should have been given the platform to speak.
Those who wanted to protest his meeting should have been allowed to do so.
Are Harawira, Minto and your mate McCarten against protests?


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