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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The NZ Herald's latest unbalanced middle class columnist Shelley Bridgeman

Shelley Bridgeman is a mother and free lance writer for the NZ Herald who puts out a weekly column on their website about her banal experiences in the middle class suburban pumpkin patch wasteland she likes to refer to as her life.

While the NZ Herald defines balance as appointing National Party masochists like David Farrar as their online political columnists, they've truly managed to outdo even their limited standards with Shelley Bridgeman's inclusion to their online squawking menagerie.

In her column, 'Not all families are equal', Shelley proclaims with the type of joy reserved for recently freed slaves or trapped miners that she gleefully defied World Health Organisation guidelines and bottle fed her daughter as the guidelines didn't take into account mothers in Remuera and Herne Bay because breast feeding led those mothers to seeking breast implants.

Open mouthed shock.

I'm sorry, too posh to push and too vain to lactate? Shelley goes onto proclaim that she feared advice to lay her daughter on her back would result in a flat head, so she would have her nanny turn the sleeping baby using a notebook to record how long the baby had slept on which side of her head. There are fully automatic weapons less precise than Shelley Bridgeman.

This intellectually flabby jowl of middle class pretension masquerading as parental advice is made offensive due to the rejoicing Shelley seems to revel in by willfully flying in the face of public health campaigns.

Why not just blow cigarette smoke into your kids face while jamming KFC double down burgers down their throat while we're at it? Justifying bottle feeding because you don't want to ruin your figure is honest in a bad way Shelley and rejecting advice on Sudden Unexpected Death of an Infant syndrome by having your nanny turn your sleeping babies head on the hour isn't a solution most people outside the NZ rich list could afford.

After this astounding voyage of self delusion, the NZ Herald had to turn the comments feature off Shelley's blog due to, and I quote, "the number of inappropriate posts". Yeah, people let Shelley know what they thought about her concerns.

She's so the 'daddy I want a golden goose now' type of writer.



At 17/5/11 5:51 pm, Blogger garden said...

So, the Herald should have a column from an ageing Hipster like you Martyn?


At 17/5/11 10:31 pm, Blogger netanaproductions said...

yes it should.

At 18/5/11 12:44 am, Blogger Marty Vincent said...

I think we all know that NZs high sudden infant death rate has nothing to do with side, front or back positioning and everything to do with the green forestry inhaled before ~ during and ~ after pregnancies in a certain demographic that far excludes Shelley in Remuera... she is quitejustified to position her baby in a handstand against stupid one size fits all public health advice, given the truth about Sudden Inhalers-kids Death Syndrome. Despite defending her on this front I have to assume her boob protection rant is tit in cheek?


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