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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

NZ Herald responds to appointing David Farrar

I am grateful that the NZ Herald are looking into my open letter to them regarding the appointment of Government on-line mouthpiece and pollster David Farrar as their weekly political columnist.

Again, let me be clear. I do not wish to challenge the right of a Newspaper to appoint whom they like as columnists. That is a right all free media have, but appointing the main propagandist for the government as your political columnist minus any balance from any one of the left wing bloggers in this country is as fair and balanced as Fox News. The NZ Herald is our largest weekly newspaper, the standards they set matter in NZ.

The email I received yesterday from the NZ Herald...

Dear Martyn

Thank you for your email.
I saw your open letter over the weekend.
We are in the midst of reviewing our stable of bloggers and guest columnists
who appear on nzherald.co.nz. David is part of that.
Kind regards

Jeremy Rees
Head of Content
APN Online

I will continue to follow up in making sure the NZ Herald take their responsibilities for balance in what will be the most ideological election we will have seen in modern times.



At 11/5/11 8:52 am, Blogger Rich said...

You've gotta imagine he's cheap. (Partly because we subsidise his doughnut budget through all those government contracts fed to his polling firm).

At 11/5/11 6:02 pm, Blogger jabba said...

you have given me an idea Bomber (one of many) .. I may write to the HOS and ask why they have Matt McCarten as a writer since he is a left wing nut-job and major force behind a Political Party .. thanks.

At 11/5/11 6:16 pm, Blogger Bomber said...

What's the bet you don't comment once I give you this stinging reply?


You really should have been paying attention jabba, because some right wing clown walked straight into this same clumsy point.

The reason Matt is different you clown, is because as you can clearly see, he is up against Deborah Coddington. You remember Debs eh Jabba, the former ACT party MP? I am asking for the exact same balance from the NZ Herald for their online week in politics column.

Pay attention Jabs

At 12/5/11 7:21 pm, Blogger jabba said...

thanks for clearing that up for me Bomber .. I don't like her either.

At 13/5/11 7:00 am, Blogger Bomber said...

Thanks for accepting you hadn't put much thought into your comment and back peddled once you got called.


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