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Monday, May 09, 2011

No Maori Party, that's not 'psychological abuse' that's 'righteous anger'

Harawira pair's abuse sickens Turia
Party co-leader Tariana Turia was sickened by what she called "psychological abuse" meted out to her and others by MP Hone Harawira's mother and sister at a hui yesterday.

Oh yawn. Of course Titewhai was angry, who wouldn't be? A staunch defender of Maoridom like Titewhai, a woman who can strip paint dry and make Prime Minister's cry was in full attack mode over the disgusting way the Maori Party rolled over on the Foreshore and Seabed land confiscation issue that birthed them. Who wouldn't be scornful of the Maori Party leadership for the crumbs they've managed to beg for from John Key's plate?

The argument that you have to be at the table to make the decisions is a joke. National have used the relationship to camouflage themselves as moderate (a pretense seen through when you consider this Government have rammed through more legislation under a misuse of urgency than any other Parliament since Rodger Douglas passed his love sonnets to Milton Friedman into legislation) and have stepped to the right with ACT whenever a dead rat was too large for Pita Sharples to swallow.

The Maori Party's final claim that they could work with Don Brash is the last joke for a Party rapidly becoming the punchline.

That's not 'psychological abuse' Tariana, that's 'righteous anger'.



At 9/5/11 9:52 pm, Blogger macdoctor said...

Oh, nonsense, Bomber. Titewhai was being her usual obnoxious self. I can think of at least a dozen ways to stage an effective protest without descending into abuse.

Trying reasoned argument instead of frothing at the mouth would be nice for starters.

At 9/5/11 9:58 pm, Blogger Bomber said...

That advice coming from you of all people is hilarious macdoctor, I remember seeing a lot of foam drip from you when I challenge you on your rights to turn down abortions good Dr.

Perhaps you would need to be part of a political party, pour your heart and soul into it only to watch them sell the entire thing out before you could comment?

At 9/5/11 10:14 pm, Blogger Psycho Milt said...

A staunch defender of Maoridom like Titewhai...

Yes, somebody had to beat the crap out of mentally ill people for the sake of Maoridom and Titewhai proved more than up to the challenge. Just a shame so many people saw it as criminal violence rather than "staunch defence." If only the left had more staunch defenders with this much stomach for smashing a defenceless person's face in, eh?

At 9/5/11 11:06 pm, Blogger libertyscott said...

Titewhai Harawira - a convicted violent criminal who abused her position of power as the administrator of a Maori Mental Health Unit to beat patients as part of her treatment.

Wonder why the media doesn't have memories long enough to remember the Whare Paia case, which were disgusting and by rights should have meant she was ostracised for good. Why should anyone listen to someone's whose personal behaviour when given power is beneath contempt?

At 9/5/11 11:12 pm, Blogger macdoctor said...

And this is a blog, not a hui, bomber. I can foam at the mouth to my heart's content here and, if you don't like it, you can delete me.

My recollection is that you accused me of a position that I don't hold on abortion - implying that I was unethical in my dealings with patients. I merely corrected your stupidity.

Possibly with a little foam...

At 10/5/11 2:46 am, Blogger Anna said...

I think Titewhai has probably staged more protests than you've had hot dinners, MacDoctor. She probably deemed this the most effective strategy for her protest. I also think "reasoned debate" has been tried re: the Maori Party. Now people are angry.

At 10/5/11 9:13 am, Blogger Bomber said...

@ pyscho milt - wow after claiming Mana Party would never happen, still wanting to make comments on the issue Milt? I don't for a second defend those decade old charges against her, I was pointing out

@liberty - after sobbing over the demise of Rodney you tunr up here Liberty? Mana must be terrifying you if you and Milt are running the online spin lines. Tell me again how this party won't happen Liberty? Your blind insight into politics has always fascinated me. I love how you never saw the Brash coup or Mana party coming.

I personally love how you've both managed to warp this issue back to old charges against her as your starting point, which is clever as it misses the point I was blogging about which is the disgusting way the Maori Party rolled over for your boy John Key.

@Mac - you are a Dr who refuses to consult on abortion, I called you on that and you foamed. I called you on your climate denying propaganda and you foamed. I love being lectured to on rational debate by someone who lends their life to an invisable friend who tells them what to do.

At 10/5/11 9:57 am, Blogger Grassroots said...

Go hard bomber! None of us agree with each other 100% of the time on these issues, I think that's called debate? But one thing is for sure- your blogs are political poetry for myself and many others. You have inspired me to become an activist and join a political party to help in this election year. If our Maori population are angry at a party that supposedly represents their interests in parliament that's their right. Tariana can always borrow some of Johns body guards if she's getting nervous, but I hear they prefer exotic overseas beaches during the winter months. HA!


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