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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mana 2.3% in Horizon Poll

Horizon Poll telling an interesting story that is different from the one that David Farrar, on-line mouth piece for the Government and number one propagandist for the National Party is telling with his opinion polls.

Horizon are saying Mana is 2.3% while the Maori Party are 2,1% and that if Mana have Hone's electorate, then...

Weighted and with a margin of error of +/- 2.3%, the Horizon Research survey finds:

The current National-Act-Maori Party-United Future coalition has 44.9% support

A Labour-Green-New Zealand First coalition would have 43.5%.
If the Mana Party wins a seat and votes with a Labour led coalition, and Jim Anderton’s Progressives support of 0.6% is added, a Labour led coalition would have 46.4% support.

Mana is aiming at 3.5%. My guess will be that as a Key Brash Government looms, moderates will flee National to the Greens and Labour.

This election will be much closer than the right and mainstream media are picking.



At 15/5/11 2:20 pm, Blogger Rich said...

Yes, but what would Goff do if he's forced to either form a government with Mana and the Greens, or let National in to form a minority government?

I'm picking the latter.

Is there a Labour figure who could roll Goff and work with Mana/Green? Grant Robertson?

At 15/5/11 2:25 pm, Blogger savehappyvalley said...

Grant or David Parker could do it. Charles Chauvel as climate minister, Metiria Turei as conservation minister. Looks like a very stable green left govt is possible. Add to that the Left Mayor in Auckland and Green Mayor in Wellignton, things are lookinf bright for progressives in Aotearoa.

At 15/5/11 3:31 pm, Blogger Tiger Mountain said...

The immediate tasks are: get Hone through in the by-election, and re-elected in the general accompanied by a few more from Te Mana.

Let Labour sort themselves out.

At 15/5/11 5:06 pm, Blogger fatty said...

What I find interesting is that the Greens have stayed stable...I am a voter that has been voting Green due to a lack of other options but have now switched to Mana...seems like there are few of us.

Hone may have ignited those who can't be bothered voting rather than taking Green votes.
He did take Maori Party votes....but we all knew that would happen

At 15/5/11 5:20 pm, Blogger jabba said...

go the mana Party aye people ??? If you lot REALLY believe this bunch of ragtag no-hopers will be good for NZ then you are morons. Come on Bomber, just because the Herald wanted David and not you is not a reason to slag him off.

At 15/5/11 8:18 pm, Blogger fatty said...

Who are you voting for Jabba?...and why?
There's only 3 options on the left from what I can see.

Progressives are to conservative for me.
Greens have become too corporate / capitalist.
Only leaves Mana

At 16/5/11 1:38 am, Blogger Secretary said...

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At 17/5/11 9:52 pm, Blogger dianne said...

Let us hope he stuffs up by not getting his party signed up for the by-lection. He and his mother are trouble.

At 17/5/11 9:53 pm, Blogger dianne said...

Hone is trouble. I would never vote for him in a million years!


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