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Thursday, May 12, 2011

John Key is slashing YOUR kiwisaver (shhh, you'll wake the sleepy hobbits)

KiwiSaver changes 'will hit low-paid'
Low and middle income earners will be hit in the pocket by the Government's changes to KiwiSaver as they and their bosses are forced to pay for reduced Government contributions, Phil Goff warned yesterday.

We are cutting back social spending because of the incompetence of National's economic mismangement. Before the second earthquake, the country was already in economic decline 2 years into this Governments term when they decided to place a consumption tax at a time when the country was cutting back on consuming.

Words matter, and the words Bill English used to describe what raising GST to subsidize a tax cut for the rich were, 'turbo charge'.

Sadly it seems borrowing for tax cuts doesn't help our savings and because of the higher GST, the tax take diminished and we are left with a$2 billion deficit that Bill English intends to make up by making massive cuts into welfare

Key had to smile and wave for the first 3 years of his term to build up the political trust from the sleepy hobbits with 'me too' labour lite policy and then in the second term you get the full creamy taste of hard right economics. Tumeke called this 3 years ago, so there shouldn't be any surprises that the hard smack on public services is looming.

Shire Volk still in the headlights of Key's vacant aspiration charm won't see it coming, but the fact this Government have rammed through more legislation under urgency in almost quarter of a century shows National have nothing but contempt for democratic oversight and the vast list of civil liberty roll backs equates to the largest reversal of your legal rights minus any mainstream media focus whatsoever.

The power to demand your DNA for merely being arrested, the power to demand your DNA on mere suspicion, the power to deny you a jury trial, the power to force Court trials by TV screen, the power break into your home and plant spy cameras and spy on you for 3 days without a warrant, the power to expand surveillance to all Government agencies, the power to deny you legal representation of your choosing, the power to remove independent legal representation, the power to remove the right of silence.

ALL of this has been rammed through under John Key's Government on top of massive public service cutbacks alongside an agenda to privatize our assets as a response to a global economic recession caused by unregulated free market greed.

We can't borrow for Kiwisaver, but we can borrow $120million per week for tax cuts, most of which benefit the elites of NZ.

The sleepy Hobbits of NZ are still asleep. We get the Government we deserve.



At 12/5/11 8:46 am, Blogger Tiger Mountain said...

It is a bit of a sinking lid, attack the population with cuts and clawbacks then reduce their ability to fight back with a surveillence state and private prisons and 90 day ‘fire at will’. All the while keeping people mis informed and diverted with the crappola called msm. While in plain view the torys transfer wealth to the wealthy and offshore parasite mates.

That is why I’m supporting Mana movement, any bun fights in Te Tai Tokerau not withstanding. Mana will act on issues the others won’t.

At 12/5/11 9:04 am, Blogger Steve Withers said...

I think what annoys me the most is National can't / won't admit their tax cuts never were affordable. So the lower-income people must pay through reduced services, higher user charges and reduced Kiwisaver entitlements. But South Canterbury Finance gets their $1.2 billion despite the govt knowing they were at serious risk and then later having violated the terms of the government guarantee.

National's programme looks increasingly like that of the US GOP: cut taxes to impoverish and wreck the state...to justify handing it over to the private sector.

The earthquakes just made the whole process go much faster than they had intended. We weren't supposed to work it out until after the election and they had got rid of MMP.

At 12/5/11 6:52 pm, Blogger jane said...

Thank Go9d I am too drunk to add my comment......

At 12/5/11 7:19 pm, Blogger Nitrium said...

Essentially the ENTIRE Western World, including NZ, is running a giant Ponzi scheme. THERE IS NO MORE MONEY! Our Government (like those all over the world) has wrongly (arguably, criminally) assumed that economic growth that was derived entirely from the premise that increasing debt levels faster than GDP could go on indefinitely. The current deficit is STRUCTURAL, because they are trying to cover the giant hole left by the tapped out public that cannot further increase their debt levels. It is NEVER going to go down. Indeed due to compounding interest on the outstanding debt, it will only go higher, until bankrupcy forces default. Most of the Govt programs introduced under Labour are unaffordable. They were ALWAYS unaffordable, because economic growth that relies on the perpetual increase in private debt is NEVER sustainable. The consumer has hit a wall, they cannot increase borrowing any further, therefore cannot sustain our current economy, including Government spending. Selling State assets to "balance the budget" is the WORST idea imaginable, simply because there are only a finite number of assets to sell. Both Labour and National (and you Bomber) are being 100% dishonest if they (you) continue to suggest there is a way out of this hole that does not involve massive decreases in Government spending across the board. We need to wake the hell up, before it is too late

At 12/5/11 8:05 pm, Blogger Angela said...

Wonderful new tax! get em hooked with promises of giant contributions then stop contributing and they still keep giving you cash! You dumb fucks keep paying, theyre gonna keep doing shit like this to you!


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