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Thursday, May 19, 2011

I have a new job working with Rodney Hide

John Banks makes move for Epsom
Former Auckland City mayor and National MP John Banks has today put his name forward to be the Act party's candidate for the Epsom electorate in this year's general election. The nomination ends speculation about whether Banks would make the step back into political life following his defeat in the Auckland Council mayoral election last year.

I would like to announce that I am unofficially the new campaign manager for 'Rodney Hide Independent candidate for Epsom 2011'.

Some have claimed I'm merely doing this to split the vote in Epsom between Banks and Hide so that whatever loser candidate National appoints loses by default. That is a dreadful accusation to make! I care deeply about Rodney and the Shire Volk of Epsom!

Rodney and I have decided that it would be best that he stands as an Independent candidate after the shabby way that awful Dr Don rolled him and called him toxic damaged goods.

'Rodney Hide Independent candidate for Epsom 2011' has a catchy ring about it. Remember Rodney, they were mean and hateful towards you, you can prove them all wrong by giving the good people of Epsom their democratic right to decide if you should still represent them.

Go on, Rodney, you know you want to.



At 19/5/11 7:02 pm, Blogger wayne said...

well I hope you dance with him. It would be nice to see you dropped on your head


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