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Sunday, May 01, 2011

How Don Brash becomes the Prime Minister

“I am also pretty sure that Banks and Brash know that electorally they are rat poison as candidates. They are both pensioners, with Brash over 70. They also both know that their best years politically are behind them.”
Cameron Slater in March 12th before he was bought on board

So this is Don's last chance for his wide eyed free market dogma to be implemented with devastating purity. Would he be satisfied as Finance Minister? We all know his ambition is for Prime Ministership. Even if Key gave Don Finance at some point his far right economic Darwinism would spook all moderates and Key would pull back, would that stop Don?

We all know it wouldn't. He's rolled one National Leader and he's toppled Rodney without even being a member of ACT. His take over of ACT was a corporate coup led by ACT's big money mafia. They would pull the exact same game with Key. Key has already said he'd leave if he lost. National's caucus will cut a deal with Don under Key if it meant Government.

Don's ambition is bigger than John Key's resolve.

A vote for John is a vote for Don.



At 1/5/11 1:58 pm, Blogger jafapete said...

Whichever is PM, it's a real DonKey we're being sold.

At 1/5/11 4:59 pm, Blogger Gosman said...

So the extent of your analysis on this is that Don Brash wants to be PM and that he will somehow be able to roll John Key after the next election because he did the dame with Rodney Hide. That's it???

Pray tell how he is meant to roll John Key exactly to become Prime Minister if John Key is in position to go to the Governor General as the largest party with the support of ACT after the next election?

At 1/5/11 5:32 pm, Blogger Grassroots said...

How I see our current cross section of parties:

Far right: Act
Centre right: National
Centre left: Labour & Maori
Left: Greens
Left/Far Left?: Mana

So the left has better diversity and representation. Given the rights propensity for corporate welfare it's sponsorship, media control and sustained voter ignorance keeping them in power. If the left can sort out their shizzle this election is going to be a battle royal.

*I've typed this while feeding my 1yr old his veges, who says guys can't multitask!? haha


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