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Sunday, May 29, 2011

How David Farrar, Cameron Slater and Simon Lusk spike MMP by attacking Mana

The campaign of black ops that David Farrar, Cameron Slater and Simon Lusk will most likely pursue is a disinfomation scare mongering on-line attack against Hone and the Mana Party to demonize them as radicals that will be deeply divisive.

It will serve two agendas. One to destroy MMP and replace it with a system less likely to be representative, thus cementing National into a position of power.

And Two the heat generated from the attack on Hone will be a rallying call to Don Brash's ACT Party.

The scare mongering will use the example of the Nazi's entering power via proportional representation and then attempt to compare the Nazi's radicalism to Hone using the Bin Laden misquote, Titewhai's Marae appearance, out of context quotes from Annette Sykes and John Minto, etc etc.

We can already see these spin lines being played out, spoon feed to the media and regurgitated on cue.

Since when did a right wing blogger, a National Party pollster and a corporate political mercenary get to dictate spin lines directly to the mainstream media and have those spin lines uncritically repeated?

This election is for the idealogical heart and soul of New Zealand and will be the most dirty ever because the stakes are so high and the opportunity for radical reform provided by the global economic meltdown so large.

Buckle up.

Cameron Slater will appear on Citizen A 7.30pm, Friday, Stratos Freeview 21 and Sky 89



At 30/5/11 7:23 am, Blogger Cactus Kate said...


Why don't you just dump Selwyn Manning from this weeks show and invite Farrar on with Whale and just do a straight show about their evil conspiracy?

At 30/5/11 10:44 am, Blogger Bomber said...

This would be the show Kate that you described as having all the impact of Mogolian Radio? Nice to know for a show with such little impact that you feel the need to influence guests. Are you suggesting the mighty whale oil needs David to hold his hand Cathy? I would like to know where the leak came from though, things have a funny way if leaking around David Farrar, lots of emails were leaked when he was Don Brash's IT guy eh?

At 30/5/11 11:11 am, Blogger Newtown News said...

If Farrar and Slater base their campaign around attacking Mana it will blow up in their face.

At some stage someone will point out that under the other proposed systems there will be more Maori seats and so more chance of the Mana Party holding the balance of power.

Currently under MMP there are 7 Maori electorates out of 70. Under SM there will be 9 out of 90. Under PV, FPP, or STV there will be 12 Maori seats. So if anything, electorate based Maori parties like Mana will have more influence.

At 30/5/11 11:15 am, Blogger Barnsley Bill said...

Bomber, are you kidding? Do you honestly expect anybody to believe that those two are the shadowy advisors for anything?
And CK needs to back off dissing your show. It is great.
I watch it every week wondering whether this will be the week your head finally explodes.
You need to smoke more devils lettuce mate. Life is too short to frot yourself to death over politics.

At 30/5/11 11:21 am, Blogger dave said...

Whaleoil is one too many RWNJs on your show. While you ridicule him his skin is so thick it bounces off. Its inevitable that the right will make the most of demonising MANA, so what? If MANA has to rely on the racist redneck vote to have credibility its on the wrong road anyway. There will be no social change coming out of parliament FPP or MMP. MMP is better only because oppressed minorities get a voice to build a social movement. But voice is not power. Look at the uprisings in MENA and Europe. They see parliament as a fraud. Parliamentary parties corrupt, and people power on the streets as a challenge too that power. Parliament is part of the problem not the solution.

At 30/5/11 11:39 am, Blogger Hans Versluys said...

Hone Harawira isn't a problem caused by MMP but by FPP. He's in parliament thanks to an FPP electorate (and that may not change on June 25).

At 30/5/11 5:06 pm, Blogger Cactus Kate said...

Bomber don't you back yourself to take two right wingers on? I mean Whaleoil always goes on with 2 pinkos on your show and Radio Live with an entire panel? I smell double down chicken.

The only opposition WO would face is if I come on your homo show on Thursday and smack him around the studio.

At 30/5/11 5:35 pm, Blogger Tim said...

Fuk Me with a Feather Duster! Not only is DP now an expert political pundit, but are you suggesting he's an IT know-it-all?
WHAT a fukking egg-roll (though a lot of IT "experts" are) and thank Christ I left that profession - too many X Berts reinventing a weheel because of their rather pathetic egos

At 30/5/11 7:33 pm, Blogger CrownRetro said...

MANA has to rely on the racist redneck vote

Exact kneejerk vomit spilled over the Maori Party last election. Expecting the same bland bigotry this year, but a bit more rabid.


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