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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

By-election Te Tai Tokerau

Mana Party bastion for left, says Sharples
The Maori Party co-leaders launched a renewed assault on Hone Harawira yesterday, calling his new party - the Mana Party - a bastion for the left rather than an advocate for Maori.

Tariana Turia and Pita Sharples took themselves to the forefront of the stoush questioning Mana Party policies which include strengthening unions and removing GST in favour of a financial transaction tax.

"We are a Maori party, they are not a Maori party," Dr Sharples said. "They seem to represent the unions and various other groups ... we're not left, we're not right. we're Maori."

No Pita, you are Maori sellouts. You have rolled over to beg for the crumbs from John Key's table and have enabled him to pretend to be moderate by having a relationship with Key.

I was one who had been argueing to retain the truce as the Maori Party are good people with bad ideas who have been conned into a relationship with National that is not actually beneficial for Maori. In the wake of this I'm thinking standing candidates in their electorates to split the vote handing those electorates to Labour would make a fitting response to their attacks on Hone. The Maori Party should be nervous.

I support the by-election as it is good and healthy for Democracy, it should be a battle of ideas and direction, Te Tai Tokerau voters have a clear choice, vote for the Maori Party, a party that sold out on the foreshore and land confiscation issue that birthed them and whom say they will work with Don Brash, the man who wants to eliminate the Maori electorate seats altogether or vote for the Mana Party to change the politcal dynamics and direction of the Government.

As for Labour, Labour cannot defeat a Brash Key Government without better allies, if the people of Te Tai Tokerau want to change the Government then they will vote for Mana.

For those still bitching about the cost, what would you prefer? The democratic process or the dirty manner in which Don Brash (who wasn't even a member of the ACT Party) took over the leadership in a corporate coup funded by the Auckland Business Mafia?

Te Tai Tokerau voters must ask themselves, when the doors close and the powerful get together to divide up the spoils of society, who do they want representing them at that table? Sell outs like the Maori Party or someone as staunch as Hone?

Let the battle of ideas begin, welcome to democracy.



At 10/5/11 12:02 pm, Blogger Grhys said...

kia kaha mana party

At 15/6/11 8:34 pm, Blogger fotografie said...

An analysis without mentioning Kelvin Davis as a possible winner in TTT is just spin for Hone Martyn. How ever much we get carried away with the notion of a nue left party we need labour to win in order to boot National out. I'd personally rather have Kelvin pissing out of the tent than Hone pissing in..


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