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Tuesday, May 10, 2011


It's 10:50am on Tuesday - the most depressing time of the week I've been told. RNZ National is currently playing one of those dire readings - another Settler reminiscence by the sound of it. So lifeless, so boring. As an ad-free, government-owned, Wellington-based Pakeha/English language institution its primary attraction to those beyond the imagined Pakeha middle class audience it serves is to all those who dislike ads more than they dislike the eccentricities of RNZ programming (a lot less than you would think, but I'm one of them).

On ZB there is Kerre Woodham indulging Christians - probably, she usually does, but I don't want to listen - and whinging about why the Pakeha majority have to put up with Maori and bashing social welfare recipients. That's the gist - of the host and the callers. So prejudiced, so brainless; but thankfully it's not Leighton Smith punctuating the racism with supposedly thoughtful silences and pompous intonation - Kerre Woodham doesn't take her own ignorance quite to that high an altar.

On Radio Live there is Michael Laws and he's similarly indulging bigots, whinging about Maori and social welfare recipients... and fat chicks - today he's also railing against fat women. Like ZB a great deal of it is hate speech directed at minority groups in a powerless or inferior situation. This public dialogue in the mass media between a bigoted host (who controls the conversation) and similarly prejudiced callers is not talk-back radio it is talk-hate radio.

These are the three main news/talk nation-wide radio networks in New Zealand.


At 10/5/11 11:50 am, Blogger Gosman said...

Stop whining about it and set up an alternative then. I'm sure you could find enough supporters to fund a basic internet based radio programme.

At 10/5/11 2:05 pm, Blogger Grassroots said...

Yes its sad but true. In all races their are those that respect and celebrate other cultures and those that treat people different from themselves as an annoyance, or worse. In NZ the population majority are white so unfortunately there is a larger percentage of whinges and bigots knocking Maori and other kiwi minorities.

Having traveled extensively throughout the world and in particular 3rd world countries I see these racial patterns and hostilities everywhere. But there are also intelligent, passionate people out there who love the diversity of the human race and can give us hope for the future. If only they could get a slot on talk radio!?

At 11/5/11 7:00 pm, Blogger jane said...

I thought Kerre Woodham did some kind of food show..

At 18/5/11 1:54 pm, Blogger Tim Selwyn said...

Gosman: it's info rather than whining. The description of the main three talk/news radio networks will not change if I launch an internet radio show.


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