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Tuesday, May 24, 2011


This Government love boot camps and seem to believe that spending over HALF of the $55 million package supposedly aimed at unemployed youth on pointless military boot camps is a great use of money in the steepest recession since the Great Depression.

It isn't and the Government know this and that is why Paula Bennett is hiding the results...

Effectiveness of boot camps 'under wraps'
The effectiveness of Government "boot camps" to straighten out the country's worst child criminals is being kept under wraps.

The eight-week military activity camps, known as Macs, are run near Christchurch and cost about $36,000 for each participant. So far 36 offenders aged 14 to 17 have completed a course as a last resort to turn their lives around.

The Social Development Ministry has refused to disclose the number and nature of offences committed by the participants before and after the camps.

Child, Youth and Family youth justice services general manager Chris Polaschek said he could not provide the details as the complete information was not held on CYF files and had not been collated from police files in a way that allowed suitable reporting at present.

Labour Party social policy spokeswoman Annette King said she suspected the silence was because the camps were failing.

...and that is because BOOT CAMPS DON'T WORK!!!!!!

Boot camps dismissed, by principals
Boot camps for troubled youth are a quick fix that will not stem violence and bullying in schools, experts say. The Principals Federation has called on the Government to reject boot camps. The call follows expert advice given at this week's two-day behaviour summit in Wellington. Federation national president Ernie Buutveld said yesterday the Government should be more considered in its quest to reform the country's troubled youth. "Some of these plans just don't cut the mustard in terms of getting bang for your buck," he said. "In this economic crisis, we need to be careful and listen to the experts. When using public money, it's not wise to rush head-long into anything. "We need to be surer of the end result." Youth Affairs Minister Paula Bennett agreed "boot camps haven't worked in the past which is why we're not doing them". Bennett said the Government approach was to "take the 40 worst young offenders, give them military-style discipline, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, set them up with a mentor, educate them and order them to take a parenting course if needed".

Military boot camps make conservative folk feel like something is being done to those little shits and that is it. It is counterproductive bullshit and it's costing us millions that we could be spending on better youth employment programs.

Wake up sleepy hobbits, you're being played again.



At 24/5/11 11:37 am, Blogger Lyndon said...

Rory had an OIA request in with MSD before he left Scoop, asking - some time after they started - about assessment for the MAC camps programme. IIRC it was 'under consideration'.

And if they didn't know how they were going to assess it, it's unlikely they collected the required information before they started.


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