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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

BBC catch John Key out on 100% greenwash

John Key's embarrassing performance on Hard Talk is a shocker. Our green-wash was always going to be hard to hide when scrutinized, but for Key to challenge one of our leading environmental academics over species decline is a pathetic defense made more uncomfortable because he's the bloody Tourism Minister!

For the love of God why did Key's handlers let him do Hard Talk? It's not bloody David Letterman, and while the smile and wave routine works for our easily led domestic media, he was always going to get crucified by a journalist as good as Stephen Sackur!

WHAT WERE THE PR TEAM THINKING? Keep Key on Close Up, not the BB bloody C!

Our ever medicatedly optimistic Tourism Minister had decided earlier this year to avoid the 100% Pure brand that NZ has spent 12 years and hundred of millions in building to degrade our brand down to 100% You.

Why have we destroyed our brand right when NZ has a clean and green brand that has become much more attractive globally at a time pollution is destroying (and will increasingly destroy) much of the planet?

We have done it to hide the fact that NZ is increasingly becoming less green and much more polluting, so rather than demand stricter pollution control from our Agricultural Industry (who have the power to get us to go to war in Iraq and have the power to censor entire chapters critical of their pollution impacts) we are just down grading our brand to accommodate for our economic hypocrisy.

If Labour rolled over and took it for the dairy industry, you know National are choosing to sleep in the wet spot. the political party of Farmers and Bankers will not damage their voting rump by demanding restrictions on Farmers using and polluting our water, as has readily been seen by the unbelievable handing over of more water today to the Farming lobby under the guise of water quality protection!

When our environmental laws are so weak...

Enforcing rules proves costly for ECan
Environment Canterbury (ECan) is out of pocket by nearly $150,000 after prosecuting the region's most serious polluters.

The regional council spent $237,943 on investigation and legal costs last year, but recovered only about $89,000 through Environment Court judgments.

In its most expensive case, ECan spent $156,016 prosecuting Christchurch waste company BJ Dakin & Co for allowing chemicals, including 160 kilograms of arsenic, to be discharged at its Bromley premises.

The company was last month fined $36,500 after admitting disposing of waste material underground, inappropriate handling and storage of hazardous waste, and discharging contaminated stormwater.

The fines and costs were payable to ECan, but left the council with a large shortfall.

The council lost money in 10 of the 11 prosecutions it took to court last year, despite winning the cases.

...when the international criticism is so loud against our green myth lie...

New Zealand was a friend to Middle Earth, but it's no friend of the earth
But my prize for the most shameless two fingers to the global community goes to New Zealand, a country that sells itself round the world as "clean and green". New Zealand secured a generous Kyoto target, which simply required it not to increase its emissions between 1990 and 2010. But the latest UN statistics show its emissions of greenhouse gases up by 22%, or a whopping 39% if you look at emissions from fuel burning alone.

...and when our own former Federated Farmers President Charlie Pederson describes the environmental movement as a “war against humanity”, why don't we just be honest about our Tourism brand and call it 100% Pure Cow Shit?



At 10/5/11 8:26 pm, Blogger Tim said...

No mention of this or any critical analysis in the mainstream media except a transcript on the tv3 website. If it requires a brain you won't find it anywhere. Keep up the good work Bomber.

At 10/5/11 9:30 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

One really wonders about the intelligence of NZers who don't see through our dim witted PM in terms of economic growth...

At 11/5/11 9:09 am, Blogger AAMC said...

Don't you love that little smile he tries to hide just as he's about to lie, he really wasn't very happy being scrutinized like that was he!

At 11/5/11 3:01 pm, Blogger big news said...

Imagine how much worse it would have been had Phil Goff been PM.

At 11/5/11 5:10 pm, Blogger collectivecollection said...

Hahah it was absolutely brilliant seeing Key completely out of his comfort zone while on HardTalk - he did not come accorss as a leader at all.
I think Sackur should have pushed him harder on the green stance with some better follow up questions related to green issues of farming like nitrate levels and water pollution.


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