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Friday, May 27, 2011

Attack Paul Quinn for what he does not what he misheard

MP says sorry after rape debate confusion
National MP Paul Quinn last night offered an apology after saying on a televised discussion about rape that "there is a real issue with young ladies getting drunk".

Mr Quinn came under fire for apparently suggesting during the TVNZ7 Back Benches programme on Wednesday that short skirts and drunkenness contributed to rape.

He said last night that he misunderstood the question put to him after a presentation by a member of the "Slut Walk" movement, and thought he was answering a question about drunkenness.

I've been on backbenchers a couple of times and it is very loud so I'm not at all surprised that Paul misheard a question and replied with an answer that suggested he was insinuating that drunk women ask for rape, so I think the heat applied to Paul over this is very unfair, he clearly wasn't suggesting that drunk women ask to be raped.

If we want to rip this despicable right wing hardliner to pieces, let's attack him for what he does, not what he misheard.

So what has he done? This right wing maggot has personally set NZ human rights back a century by pushing his private members bill through to strip Prisoners serving less than 3 years their human right to vote, a move that puts us at odds with most of the developed world and offside with EU Human Rights.

Bill English described the hard on crime bullshit that Paul Quinn revels like a pig in shit over as a 'moral and fiscal failure' in last weeks budget notes. This utterly spiteful law Quinn has pushed to deny prisoners their right to vote is the final nail in the coffin to alienate prisoners even further from the franchise of democracy and serves no other master than hate, the very hate that Bill has described as a moral and fiscal failure.

No one has injected more spite and hate against our human rights record than the National Party and now they are reaping the moral and fiscal failure of allowing the Sensible Sentencing Trust to replace reason with warped anger, a blame that must be partially shared with the Labour Party who in their 9 years merely managed rednecks rather than challenge them when it comes to crime and punishment and has led us to becoming the second most incarcerated nation on the face of the planet.

As the ever brilliant Gordon Campbell points out in his work on denying Prisoners the right to vote...

The main argument against prisoners being allowed to vote is that their crime has cancelled out their right to be considered part of society. That argument, Sauve points out, lacks any value as a deterrent. “When people are committing a crime, most people are not thinking about the rights that they’re going to lose. They’re thinking about how they can avoid getting caught. If people already feel they don’t fit into society and that they’re rebelling against society – well, the better way of trying to encourage them to take part in society again is to encourage them actively, to vote – and to have a say within society.’

‘ The one thing I noticed after we got the right to vote was when every election came about, guys in the dining hall or the ranges were actually talking about politics. And not necessarily talking about the beefs they were in, or stuff like that.” Not everyone in prison does exercise their vote, he adds, just as not everyone does in the community at large – but in his experience, prisoners do talk about the elections.

Even so, getting sent to prison means that people lose their right to a whole range of rights and freedoms. Why should the right to vote be held up as something sacrosanct? “You go to prison for a punishment,” Sauve replies. “ That is your punishment : the loss of freedom of movement. It really is severe. When you’re locked in your cell at night and you are all alone, that’s when you realize you’re really doing time. That’s also when you think about how you want to fit back into the community. I wanted to be able to fit back in. I wanted to show that I could make it, that I could be something other than my crime…”

By contrast, the removal of the right to vote is – he agrees – a way of saying to the prisoner that he or she is literally, a non-person. Given that most prisoners will one day be returning to society, how could it possibly be in society’s self interest to promote such an attitude? “I don’t think it is,” Sauve replies. “ I know that a lot of people want revenge. They don’t necessarily want justice. ‘

So very ugly and so very petty.

Let's attack Quinn for the hateful shit he does, not what he misheard



At 27/5/11 8:28 am, Blogger Boganette said...

"he clearly wasn't suggesting that drunk women ask to be raped" - says who? I don't think you get to decide that.

What was he implying were the consequences of drinking? How did he miss not only an entire presentation, but questions to all the other people on the panel and also their responses? Why did a comment on what women are wearing “They’re there when I am on my way to the swimming pool at 6 in the morning.” as well as alcohol if he didn't know the conversation was about rape and victim-blaming? And why is it OK to shame women about the way they dress or their social lives anyway?

I'm pretty sure all the women upset with him don't need you telling us what we should and shouldn't get pissed off about.

At 27/5/11 8:45 am, Blogger Bomber said...

When were you last on backbenchers boganette?

No need to attack me Boganette, I've simply given my opinion that as someone who has been on Backbenchers and knows the level of noise can disrupt what you can hear. You clearly need to damn Paul for what he misheard and all power to you for that, good luck with the slutwalks, but I don't think he meant what you are wanting him to have meant.

I do think this right wing maggot should be attacked on what he actually has done which is inject even more spite into our prison system, hence the title of the blog "Attack Paul Quinn for what he does not what he misheard".

Neesha says hi btw boganette.

At 27/5/11 8:55 am, Blogger Boganette said...

"When were you last on backbenchers boganette?" - Oh good point. I've never been in a noisy bar either. Or had to ask someone if they could repeat a question for me so I can properly answer them. Or felt the need to clarify something before I launched into a ridiculous stream of consciousness about women drinking and what women wear to the gym. So you're right, how could I possibly comment on this?

"No need to attack me Boganette" - Try harder. You'd know if I was attacking you. It would be obvious.

If you really believe that I (and every other person upset with him for his comments) *want* him to be a victim blaming asshole and therefore imagined he implied and said what he did then I really can't figure out where you're coming from. We'd actually like less politicians and people in power to make victim-blaming and slut-shaming comments. Crazy concept.

Also, I don't know about you, but I can actually multi-task. I have this incredible ability to be angry with Paul Quinn's comments about women and also angry at him for being a 'right-wing maggot'. I certainly understand if you can't do the same.

At 27/5/11 11:28 am, Blogger dave said...

Bomber this blog is 'what you do' its about communication as 'say' and 'do'.
Quinn is just another reactionary protofascist 'little man' who thinks he can get away slagging off women while he and his mates lay waste to the nation of profit. His 'saying' is a power play where men 'do' over women comfortable ensconced in the backlash against feminism. Note how the roots of fascism always rear up from the ancient manure of the bourgeois family. #WilhelmReich


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