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Monday, May 09, 2011

Another innocent man sent to prison - one law for all (except cops)

Rough justice sees mums fight sons' case
The Minister of Justice is set to apologise for sending two innocent men to jail. Jaden Knight and Phillip Johnston, from Lower Hutt, were sentenced to six years in prison and only got out thanks to the determined effort of their mothers. Now they are in line for a six-figure pay-out because of the judicial bungle - and a policeman the innocent men claim was hell-bent on a conviction.

Perhaps Don Brash's 'one law for all' should stop being used as a racist redneck dog whistle and actually force the Police to be considered as it's target rather than the current situation which sees them hide behind their badge and get away with things we citizens would face a trial for.

The dirty 8 hour interview tactics held minus any lawyer used by Detective Sergeant Peter Govers to terrify Jaden Knight and Phillip Johnston to frame them for a crime they never committed follows another case of NZ Police framing innocent people for jail...

Wrongfully convicted man talks of 'living hell'
An autistic man wrongfully convicted of raping a woman has spoken of his living hell, his two years of complete silence behind bars and the bittersweet moment when he was awarded more than $350,000 in compensation. The Court of Appeal criticised a detective who handled the case, saying he gave Mr Farmer the impression that DNA evidence implicated him in the rape when it did not.

...and this all comes as Police continually get let off time and time and time again for the crimes they commit from crushed testicles to the death of George Harris bashed by Police in the back of a Police Car.

You might remember Detective Sergeant Peter Govers, he was the Detective Sargent who forced a female police informant to give him a blow job. He's a special kinda Detective Sargent.

Normally none of this would impact on the slavish pro-cop worship the Shire Volk in NZ love to indulge in, for the thinkers amongst you however these cases of one law for cops and one law for you where the Cops get to frame you for crime yet walk from crime they commit, the new wholesale dismantling of your legal rights for the stream lined Simon Power conveyor belt of cheap justice will concern you.

All the changes Simon Power is ramming through under the pretense of speeding up justice for the victim will see MORE NZers locked up for crimes they did not commit, not less. The streamlining process is really the largest roll back of civil liberties this country has ever seen minus any real debate whatsoever.

How Simon Power has managed to piss on the Magna Carta and abolish Jury trials, abolish legal aid independence, create absentee trials and video linked desensitization without one mummer from the Shire Volk is testament to the smile and wave political capital John Key has managed to amass.

These changes have nothing to do with the quality of justice and everything to do with cost cutting so that the court system becomes based on mercy by the pound, Justice without the annoying cost.

For crimes punishable by up to 3 years jail time there will be no Jury, just a Judge. Perhaps one of those Judges who were described in a 2009 report as being idiosyncratic, arrogant, inflexible and not up to the job intellectually.

We are building a corporate prison nation, minus the legal safe guards while expanding unchecked Police powers while innocent NZers are sent to prison.

Welcome to the future you have built Shire Volk. You have no one to blame but yourselves NZ.



At 9/5/11 3:04 pm, Blogger Blair Anderson said...

And no other area of civil law is held in more contempt than in the role Police play in drug policy and its enforcement. Why drug policy? Becasue there is no tripartite check and balance of enforcment, complainant, and offender. Here there is no complainant so integrity and honesty flies out the door. It is OK to use undercovers, Ok to use deception and survalience, OK to testy-lie. And worse, OK to lie about the linkage between cannabis and crime. Cannabis is neither crimonogenic nor the public health risk the pretends it to be. So why are tens of thousands of New Zealander's enduring the Police/Justice/Corrections ramifications of a policy that brings Policing into universal disrepute? Were recompense (compensation) paid to all those who have suffered under this purposeless and arbitary sanction it would make the current injustices look cheap.

The Law Commission report that supports Cannabis remaining as a Class C drug is a fraud perpetrated and perpetuated because the political ramifications of offending the USA defines and boxes us all into systemic and chronic paradigm failure, and on a scale that puts 'the injustice business' up there as a core community issue.

Let the Police do there job, its a hell of a calling. But lets do it with some sanity restored. Fix drug policy and we heal the Police public image.

At 10/7/12 1:51 pm, Blogger Cilla Cooper said...


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