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Sunday, May 29, 2011

American pharmaceutical companies are trying to kill Pharmac (shhhh don't wake the sleepy Hobbits)

Attempts by America into forcing us to dump Pharmac so the American pharmaceutical companies can implement their brutal form of medicine for the rich into this country is more proof of how far Key's smile and wave political capital has blinded the sleepy Hobbits of NZ.

It's all part of the free trade deal that Joh Key wants to secretly sign us up to before the election.

This oxymoronically named 'free trade' will do the following...

More expensive medicines

No local content in broadcasting

Weaker controls on overseas investment in NZ

Foreign investors suing the Government for millions in offshore tribunals

Weaker regulation of the financial services

Undermining action on climate change

Delays and restrictions on agricultural market access to the US

John Key breathlessly told a complaint mainstream media that we would make billions and billions from this free trade deal with America and the complaint mainstream media breathlessly repeated those claims with no critical analysis whatsoever.

How humiliating then for our compliant mainstream uncritical media when wikileaks revealed the "billions and billions" claims is utter nonsense and an out right lie. It turns out our negotiator for the free trade deal privately complained to the American's that we get nothing out of this free trade deal and trying to con you NZers into accepting it would be difficult.

Close Up couldn't do a story about this issue this week as they were too busy interviewing alleged vampires, but John Key is lying to us about this 'free trade' deal making us "billions and billions" in the exact same way Gerry Brownlee lied to us about billions and billions to be made from mining on conservation land.

It is extraordinary how far NZers are prepared to stretch John Key's smile and wave political capital to justify policy so contrary to our national interests as dismantling Pharmac for American corporate gain.

Wake up sleepy Hobbits.



At 29/5/11 11:25 am, Blogger dave said...

By "us" John Key means the finance banksters who operate globally. He self-identifies with this parasitic class. Against his class, and the aspirants who are sucking up to it, he thinks we are "them" i.e. all "underclass".

At 29/5/11 7:15 pm, Blogger jane said...

Oh yea we are also a great testing ground for new & crappy drugs fun fun fun I see mental health services already are gearing up for this expansion...


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