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Thursday, April 28, 2011

What more frontline is Women's Refuge?

Surprise move cuts help to anti-violence groups
Women's refuges say some women fleeing from violence may no longer be able to get a safe bed after a surprise Government policy change chopped $700,000 off their funding.

It is a disgusting abomination of social policy that this Government are cutting Women's refuge by $700 000 to give the cash to Tariana Turia's pet project Whanau Ora. To claim the money is being taken to the frontline is a joke, there is no more front line than Women's refuge!

Currently Women's refuge is given $520 per client for just over 3000 short stay women spread amongst 45 refuges. Removing the cuts takes that amount down to a mere $251 per short stay victim of domestic violence.

In the stress of a recession, domestic violence spikes, this Government is cutting funds to the very frontlines that are screaming our for more resources. This offensive cut to public services comes as the Government hands over $34million to the yachting fraternity and joins a long list of corporate welfare bailouts.

Vast cutbacks to Womens Refuge, a billion to AMI, the things this Government considers nice to have and too big to fail should shame every thinking NZer.



At 29/4/11 7:03 am, Blogger snigie said...

The bitches should just cook dinner faster and we could can the whole program! (chortle chortle) Alright boys fuck it, knock 700 of em. Anyone for a brandy?

Actual recording from national party headquarters

At 29/4/11 4:11 pm, Blogger apple cheeked, potato shaped girl said...


At 29/4/11 6:39 pm, Blogger Chris Prudence said...

The changes abolish four funds from June 30 that have been worth $13 million a year: a family violence education fund ($4.9 million), advocates for children who witness family violence ($4.2 million), Te Rito family violence coordinators ($1.9 million)

...and the Whanau Ora Family Violence Fund ($2 million)?


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