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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Urgency used to dismantle democratic oversight

Stop pushing laws through too quickly, say critics
A Labour MP and a National Party-aligned blogger have joined forces to object to the Government's frequent use of urgency to push legislation through Parliament. Labour MP Grant Robertson released figures on the use of urgency since 1999 which showed in its first two years National pushed 17 laws through without allowing public submissions - compared to the four or five each term when Labour was in government.

As Tumeke has been pointing out for some time, this Government has overseen the largest dismantling of democratic oversight we've seen since Rodger Douglas wrote his love sonnets to Milton Friedman by ramming more law through under a misuse of urgency than any other Government in modern times.

It's nice to see the mainstream media are now only three years behind Tumeke.

No one is served by National ramming more and more law through under a misuse of urgency, even a right wing mouthpeice like David Farrar is appalled at what his Government are doing, why the hell should urgent law about the Earthquake have tagged onto it vile powers given to corporations to cut you off from the internet for infringing on their copyright? It shouldn't but it has.

No one on the right should feel any pride at this abuse of the democratic process...

Overall for the three Parliaments under the last Labour government the total percentage of time used for urgency was 13% (99-02) 21% (02-05) 10% (05-08). National have not completed their three years but are sitting at 31% after just over two years. Although they have another year to go, I think we can say on balance that National has used urgency more overall particularly because the percentage of time in urgency has remained high

...this is how lazy, stupid and ill thought out law is passed, we have checks and balances put into place on purpose, our Parliament is the least difficult Parliament in the Westminster system in the world to ram law through, why allow National to constantly do that?

Thanks to a braindead mainstream media who are being made stupider by cutbacks into public broadcasting every minute (while we bail out overseas media corporations), most NZers, would not be even be aware of what Key is pulling in Parliament.

It's amazing what a smile and a wave can conceal.



At 14/4/11 9:49 am, Blogger kiwinoel said...

"Our" Government can pass a file sharing law overnight without any public comment allowed but it refuses to protect us from a Telco monopoly for the first 10 years of high speed broadband. Seems to me they only care about "us" once every 3 years, whereas they care about protecting the monopolies of overseas-owned corporations 24/7/365.

At 15/4/11 2:11 pm, Blogger Alex said...

Two words.

You dont know whats right..
Nanny does..
Who are you to tell Nanny.
I'll tell you whats good for you.

The irony is fucking unbelievable.

..And dont get me started on the National supporters who insisted Helens govt spent too much time, effort & money on "The Arts."
Warner Bros. Let alone the new copyright (defend the artist) law just passed..

Like a shit smeared boomerang.

At 15/4/11 7:29 pm, Blogger kiwinoel said...

Good point re the Nanny State but we need some new imagery - I think Nanny is too nice for what these jokers are doing - perhaps "Gollum State"?


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