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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Top 10 policies a Key-Brash Government would implement

10: Invade Iran on behalf of America

9: All beneficiaries become mandatory organ donors.

8: Public safety campaigns against joining Unions.

7: McDonalds to sponsor all playgrounds in state schools in Private Public Partnerships

6: 'More wives from Singapore' immigration program.

5: Make being Maori in an urban area after 10pm an arrestable offense.

4: Open up the left hand corner of the NZ Flag to corporate logo sponsorship.

3: Arm all front line Police with rocket propelled grenade launches

2: Force all teachers unions to adopt a 'no fat chicks' amendment to membership rules

1: Catch up with Australia by selling NZ to China



At 27/4/11 9:20 am, Blogger San Nakji said...

I have to say, I generally support your opinions, but putting in number 6 as some off handed racial slur is a bit disappointing Bomber.

At 27/4/11 11:34 am, Blogger Dominic said...

Number 2: So 'fat chicks' can't join teacher unions, but they can hold cabinet portfolios that fuck with the peasants? WTF?

At 27/4/11 11:38 am, Blogger labbit99 said...

Item 9 would be more acceptable if we changed "all beneficiaries become" to "everyone becomes a".

At 27/4/11 12:05 pm, Blogger apple cheeked, potato shaped girl said...

All perfectly rational reasonable solutions to the problems facing NZ today.

LOL - Just in case anyone missed my ironic tone

At 27/4/11 1:08 pm, Blogger Neil said...

Brash abandoned his relationship responsibilities for a trophy bride. Don't really feel its a racial slur any more than no.5! Its parody

At 27/4/11 4:44 pm, Blogger Tragik said...

@san nakji

But "off handed racial slur[s]" is exactly what Brash campaigns on.

At 27/4/11 6:30 pm, Blogger snigie said...

Why would they be so kind to us? p
olice would crack open the SS uniform surplus supply theyve always wanted to get out and all police would be armed with baton tasers which would be legal to beat coloured folk with.

At 27/4/11 9:27 pm, Blogger Geoff said...

I believe point 6 is a Brash gag, based on joke Brash made that fell very flat...

At 29/4/11 12:24 am, Blogger Gosman said...

Where is the evidence that Brash made such a gag?

At 29/4/11 7:36 am, Blogger Bomber said...

Gosman - how stupid are you? You saw the doco where he kept telling everyone his wife was from singapore right? Oh dear, you didn't. Oh dear you were serious? Oh dear.

Who knew working for kiwibank could be so soul destroying?


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