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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Top 10 NZ political questions right now

Are a collective of Damien O'Connors called a murder of breeders?

When Mediaworks boss Brent Impey met John Key at the Telethon and John reversed MED advice and said yes to the $43million loan to Irornbridge at a rate they couldn't obtain on the open market, did Brent sing 'thank you very much for your kind donation'?

Has someone told the Minister for Broadcasting that $43million loan to a foreign owned media company could have run TVNZ7 for 6years?

Can someone tell Greg O'Conner that the other Police force who arrest artists for songs they don't like are run by Gaddafi?

How bad are things when even the NZ Herald notice them?

Have the Labour Party finished self mutilating themselves yet?

If Kiwisaver, interest free student loans and working for families are 'nice to haves', what are the $1,000 optional extra seat warmers in the 34 luxury BMWs?”

Can Simon Powers pet food grade conveyor belt of cheap justice save even more money by just finding anyone earning under $35 000 automatically guilty?

Isn't claiming that we are more competitive than Australia by having 30% lower wages a bit like like claiming we are dealing with unemployment by having a high suicide rate?

If AMI is too big to fail what about Public Education?


At 16/4/11 12:44 pm, Blogger kiwinoel said...

Would be good to get a "Top 10 Answers" list :-)

At 16/4/11 3:37 pm, Blogger sdm said...

Top ten left wing questions without a doubt. I think most ordinary kiwis will want to know: How will New Zealand begin to live within its means?

At 16/4/11 6:58 pm, Blogger AAMC said...

If only they'd question the value of falling further under the control of Multi National corporations.... but the Right will continue to roll out it's ideology, asking NO questions along the way while standing aghast, wondering why those means are shrinking as our skilled jobs increasingly go to those Indians and Chinese, who are the beneficiaries of Education which puts us to shame.

And Bill Engish, David Cameron, Ben Bernanke and co will continue to rearrange their ideological chairs on the Titanic.

But that's ok, we can re spin it, there are opportunity in those low value jobs, we can grow food and manufacture for those BRICS countries who aren't asleep at the wheel.

Your neo-liberal experiment has failed sdm, Globalization is opening up the world and guess what, there are clever people everywhere, and we're competing with them, the slavery plan has backfired. Wake up!

At 17/4/11 8:20 am, Blogger sdm said...

Actually the left has got a problem. They are addicted to spending other peoples money. The game is very much up brother, we can not continue to live beyond our means. As a father, I am concerned about the level of borrowing to pay the power bill, which my children will have to repay.

Spending our childrens money is immoral

At 17/4/11 9:38 am, Blogger countryboy said...

HA ! I like a little irony . Irony , fabulous irony , the fruit of the coincidences of thought , action , reaction , accident . Serendipitous acts of delightful ... Irony . sdm is an Aucklander and wonders when New Zealand will begin to live within it's means . HAhahahahahahah !!! Mr Pot . I'd like to introduce you to Mr Kettle ! What New Zealanders need to do is get F.....g angry at being plundered , bullied and lied to by a succession of fat , useless bastards in suits ! As for Bombers Top Ten questions being ' left wing ' ? They looked like questions born of common sense and the product of information being carefully dissected from the flea ridden dross that collects on the veneer of public awareness to me . It spreads out from the dusty old dog that is the New Zealand media and every time some soulless , neo-Liberal Nazi kicks it up the arse , the dust flys as the Old Dog cringes in a corner trying to cover it's arse .

At 17/4/11 10:56 am, Blogger AAMC said...

Yep, National have been doing a very good job of giving our money away, better to spend it on institutions than give it away to failed business wouldn't you think sdm? This swindle of pushing for small Government and low tax and then crying to the tax payer when things don't work out, that's immoral sdm! Live by your ideals, you want the free market, you should be expected to face it's consequences, or admit it's failings. But we've got a bunch of morons funding neo-liberalism with Communisim, and continuing to preach the Free Market. Go figure!

So sdm, what are your feelings now re borrowing for tax cuts? After all "Spending our childrens money is immoral"

At 18/4/11 11:13 am, Blogger sdm said...

I would agree with you on the bailouts, and SCF is starting to look very dodgy. Obviously because they were in the Finance Guarantee scheme the crown had to pay - the question is whether they should have been in the scheme in the first place. Businesses fail - let them. Infrastructure aside perhaps - Air NZ.

But, even Chris Trotter is saying things need to change, vis a vis the retirement age. Even the left think it. You are out on a limb

But here is the thing - you and bomber and all the lefties are critical of many of the reforms of the 80s/90s - primarily because it sounds good - but do you actually mean it?

Do you oppose:

Floating the dollar
Removal of Farm
Removing Controls on foreign exchange
Reserve Bank Act
Fiscal Responsiblity Act
Removal of Tarrifs

which of these do you not like?

At 18/4/11 11:32 am, Blogger Bomber said...

Funny how quick scot changes his tune when confronted by his own rhetoric, so yes scotty, tell us all about the precious money your child will be paying for all that corporate welfare your party is pumping out right now

At 18/4/11 11:46 am, Blogger sdm said...

They are not my party. Beginning, middle, end. Where did I defend the bailouts?

At 18/4/11 11:52 am, Blogger Gosman said...

Corporate welfare isn't part of standard neo-liberal policy mix so to try and claim all right wing people support it is inaccurate.

The recent tax cuts were designed to be fiscally neutral in that any loss of revenue as a result of the income tax cuts was taken up by increased revenue in other places. The Government is therefore not borrowing to pay for tax cuts.

Regardless of this, Mr Bradbury's and other hard core leftists only prescription for our economic
woes seems to be taxing the 'rich' and borrowing more. Given this leads to consumption rather than investment led growth it won't solve NZ structural economic problems.

At 18/4/11 12:41 pm, Blogger Bomber said...

Slow day at kiwibank Gosy? Can't troll hot topic any longer and so popping over here for a bit of a Troll? Sigh - the joys of working at kiwibank, so much free time on your hands. I hope your branch won't be closing down, you'll be on Tumeke all the time.

As for you 'corporate welfare isn't part of the neo-liberal agenda' meme, that was funny. You should do satire.

PS - The Government are borrowing $120millon per week for those tax cuts you enjoy while you have the audacity to tell the rest of us that we don't have any money for public services.

Only the rich have your audacity Gosman.

Scott - for someone who defends National all the time, to hear they aren't your party means you should at least invoice them monthly for your services to them.

Tell us all abouit your child paying for those corporate bailouts scott.

At 18/4/11 12:52 pm, Blogger sdm said...

Just because I am right of centre, does not mean I support everything National does. Thats a pretty simplistic view of politics.

I am concerned about the state of the nation we are leaving for my childs generation

At 18/4/11 12:58 pm, Blogger Bomber said...

As simplistic as claiming the left are immoral for spending your childs money scott?

At 18/4/11 1:00 pm, Blogger Bomber said...

Oh and can you just detail how the recent corporate welfare by your right wing party which is so immoral against your childs future earnings had anything to do with the left? I can't imagine the left handing a $43million loan over to mediaworks.

At 18/4/11 1:03 pm, Blogger JonL said...

"Actually the left has got a problem. They are addicted to spending other peoples money"
Do "right wingers" have any other comeback line? I mean, really....it's like a broken record.
So - the right has a problem - it's addicted to sucking up and grabbing other peoples money - I like the sound of that one better.....

At 18/4/11 1:38 pm, Blogger sdm said...

I didnt say the left. All I said was we are living beyond our means. And we are. Its not a left/right thing. We are doing things we cant afford, and saddling our children with the bill. Package it anyway you want, but its the truth.

Stealing from our children is the ultimate form of selfishness

I dont want to get into the mediaworks thing - it wasnt a 'loan' as such in that the government didnt give money to mediaworks. It was a debt in which payment was deferred - at a commercial interest rate.

How its accounted is one thing, but the government did not pay mediaworks $1 as I understand it.

At 18/4/11 1:54 pm, Blogger Bomber said...

Oh reallyScot - it wasn't a loan? Did Mediaworks have to spend their own $43million to pay the license or not? And could Ironbridge have gained that rate on the open market scot?

I love when its crony capitalism it aint a loan - that's why it is a left right wing thing Scot.

At 18/4/11 2:22 pm, Blogger AAMC said...

"Corporate welfare isn't part of standard neo-liberal policy mix "

That's the point isn't it Gosman, preaching the small Government and the low taxes and then running cap in hand to the tax payer when it doesn't work out. That was my point, neo-liberalism doesn't practise what it preaches.

sdm, I agree, we can't go on living like we're in the 70's,
all flush and equitable, we've been shafted by the top 5% and we should do somehing about it. Surely we can't afford those tax cuts at a time like this for a start, or to be bailing out failed businesses, my suggestion, get the current bunch of inbred clowns out of office ASAP!

So post Depression and War seem to have been the peak of Western wealth, when we're looking at real wealth, across the populace. Since the neo-liberals got the reigns, all the wealth has trickled - or perhaps poured -up, we've replaced the financial sector with a giant casino, we've got mass unemployment, European countries failing, American cities defaulting. At which point do you finally acknowledge it hasn't worked, so we can all put some more ideas on the table. This banging our heads repeatedly on a brick wall just doesn't seem a viable solution.

At 18/4/11 2:22 pm, Blogger sdm said...

With all your business experiance, did you ever enter into payment arrangements with either creditors or debtors? Its quite common, commercially.

NZ needs to live within its means. Simple. Hopefully in the seemingly inevitable second term, these imbalances will be addressed. They havent been so far.

At 18/4/11 3:02 pm, Blogger Bomber said...

Silly Scot, running a business and running a country are two different things.

At 18/4/11 3:31 pm, Blogger sdm said...

Of course they are different. But commercial reality is commercial reality.

What you are saying is basically, governments should ignore commercial reality when governing. No wonder the left is so low in the polls.....

At 18/4/11 3:37 pm, Blogger Bomber said...

So what you are saying is that while they are different, your knuckle dragging simplicty to claim they are the same stands plus you'd like to throw in an insult re low polling left wing parties.

The left are polling so low, because rather than challenge right wing rednecks like you Scot, they simply try to manage them.

Plus all the caveats I bring to those cheap brainfart opinion polls, I bet you were braying that Banks was going to win based on these very same cheap brain fart polls weren't you Scotty?

At 18/4/11 3:57 pm, Blogger AAMC said...

Austerity Bomber, it's all the rage amongst failing economies who have been pursuing laissez faire Capitalism.

But is your rhetoric consistant sdm, does this thinking ahead for our children's sakes apply to the environment as well? Are you prepared to live within our means? Should we now be paying the true cost of the externalities of our activities? Prepared to pay a couple of hundred for your Hamburger? I think your kids will be quite keen on the odd forest being around also.

Governments should aspire to Civilisation, not be driven solely by law of the jungle, the strongest will survive, cave man thinking. It has to live within economic realities but shouldn't the financial sector also, cause that casino they're running isn't doing your kids or our economies much good either. Pre neo-liberal governments lived within these realities also, without the 'austerity', cause wealth wasn't concentrated in the bank accounts of only 5% of the population, and people were prepared to participate in their Civilization, in the form of adequate taxes.

At 18/4/11 5:22 pm, Blogger Gosman said...

"Pre neo-liberal governments lived within these realities also, without the 'austerity'."

Pray tell when was this "golden age" that you think existed before the advent of Neo-liberal economic theory?

I presume you are also aware that a number of the countries that have required a bail out in Europe have got themselves into the mess by following left wing policies, not by following right wing ones. Take Greece as an example.

As much as the likes of Mr Bradbury likes to blame all the problems of the world on the 'evils' of capitalism the reality is left wing policies are more than capable of screwing up a country.

At 18/4/11 7:18 pm, Blogger AAMC said...

On the subject of polls, in addition to Bombers brain fart point...

A collective, PR managed, American Dream apathy sits over the Western sphere. Look at the Spainish with around 40% unemployed. Ireland bankrupted by a couple of banks and a bunch of inbred politicians (not dissimilar to ours) and of coarse America, a prime example of apathy as public wealth was transferred to failed private enterprise.

Even if the polls are correct and the population is strongly behind the current mob, it doesn't mean History will judge them as good managers and it doesn't change the disappearance of the middle class and the rise of economies not clouded by the ideas of the Fresh Water Economists.

At 19/4/11 7:28 am, Blogger Bomber said...

Gosman you live in a fantasy land. It was Goldman Sachs that allowed Greece to hide their debt within the Washington Consensus, you right wingers are so quick to spin.

At 19/4/11 8:01 am, Blogger Gosman said...

LOL! - There you go again Mr Bradbury trying to blame a failure of left wing policies on Capitalism.

The problems of Greece have been known for decades. They weren't 'hidden' by some shady deal anymore than a cannabis grower hides his crime by shoving a couple of tinnies in his underpants while he is busted by the Police working in his hydroponic plantation.

You remind me of politicians in places like Zimbabwe who blame the collapse of their economy on economic sanctions from Western nations.

At 19/4/11 8:10 am, Blogger Bomber said...

You are such an uniformed clown Gosman, surely as a troll you have to be a little more read than you are?


At 19/4/11 8:16 am, Blogger AAMC said...

The left wing was elected into power in Greece at about exactly the time of collapse Gosman, they inherited a failed economy and a history of tax avoidance courtesy of the Right.

Also, I think you'll find, pre Regan the distribution of wealth was vastly different than it. Is today, the last time it was concentrated as it is and was in 2007/8 was just prior to the Great Depression.

Prey tell Gosman, have you a success story from neo-liberalism. Share, enlighten. I can't wait to hear, cause j can't see any.

At 19/4/11 9:15 am, Blogger Gosman said...

Ghana and Estonia are good examples of how free market economics helps straighten out countries.

Zimbabwe since 2008 is another.

At 19/4/11 11:41 am, Blogger AAMC said...

Look at the Graph in this article Gosman and then log the neo-liberal era against it.


And I'd still like a single success story from your experiment, or can I take your silence to mean there isn't one?

At 19/4/11 12:17 pm, Blogger AAMC said...

Prime Minister who preceded the Socialist Greek Government who were elected in 2009, so it was the Right that presided over the crisis Gosman...


At 20/4/11 9:26 am, Blogger AAMC said...

Ghana and Estonia!? And yet the main proponent of the 'Market' has just had it's credit rating downgraded, Standard & Poor were rating Gidman Sacs as AAA as they collapsed, so what does that say of the the state of your Mecca??


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