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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The splintering of the political spectrum

It wasn't until the middle of the 1930's that the full social impact of the 1929 Wall St crash was felt with the Great Depression. Our Great Recession has had Governments swallow the corporate debt with the real risk that those countries could collapse, so much for unregulated neo liberal free market greed (if you want an idea of how corrupt this neo liberal free market was, watch the doco 'Inside Job'.

It was during the 1930's that the political establishment came under great pressure. When economic conditions are this bad, the spectrum splinters, this is a meme I've been pointing out for some time, we are seeing a splintering of the political spectrum. Hone to the left of us, Don to the right of us, the reality is that there is no middle ground in NZ politics any longer because we have a vast distance between John Key's wealth class elites and the 40% of NZ who earn less than $20 000.

I wonder of there will be a riot in Queen St this year during the Rugby World Cup?



At 27/4/11 10:10 am, Blogger Sam Hill said...

While the world is watching. I hope so.

At 27/4/11 12:51 pm, Blogger JonL said...

"I wonder of there will be a riot in Queen St this year during the Rugby World Cup?"
With any luck.......

At 28/4/11 7:30 am, Blogger Carol said...

In the case of the Left, I agree that there is a splintering of political parties, each small party (Greens, Mana) based on principles that differentiate themselves from each other in terms of future direction.

But on the right we are not seeing a splintering, but a consolidation of joined-at-the-hip NAct. The right are trying to hold onto their elitist, and fast becoming anachronistic, philosophies and policies. Brash is taking control of Act (up til now in its death throes), under National's guidance, in order to enable NAct to continue to govern, & so that National can bring in Act policies by proxy.

In contrast, there's a bit of a fracturing that indicates a struggle going on amongst the left to develop a new direction in line with the changing global economic and social context.

In the coming election, don't believe the Right spin and misdirection, remember NAct are joined at the hip, elitist, anti-democratic, racially-divisive, and promoters of foreign control of all that matters in NZ.

Vote for NO ASSET SALES, support of public services, development of real and environmentally-sound NZ industries and jobs, and restriction on foreign ownership.


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