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Friday, April 29, 2011

Rodney 'toxic damaged goods' Hide 2004-2011 RIP

While Cactus Kate is sobbing over her dear Rodney's demise in a corporate coup within her beloved ACT, let's put the boot in one last time over the fall of the oompa loompa of hate.

A man who rammed legislation through to destroy Auckland and set up a bullshit Maori statutory board that is costing ratepayers millions.

A man who greenlighted the despicable David Garrett who turned out to be the largest political hypocrite this country has ever seen.

A man who bullied with sexist glee his only female MP.

A man who was described by the new leader of ACT as 'toxic' and 'damaged goods'.

A man who built his political career on perk busting, yet once inside the power he so desperately wanted went on a massive taxpayer funded overseas jaunt with his girlfriend.

RIP Rodney, the left are dancing on your political grave, and thank you for removing the pretense of moderation John Key has managed to hide behind now Brash has replaced you. The left are forever thankful.

A vote for John, is a vote for Don.

There is a special Citizen A 7.30pm tonight on Stratos TV Freeview 21 and Sky 89 to discuss Epsom.



At 29/4/11 8:06 pm, Blogger Grassroots said...

Poor Rodders! it couldn't happen to a nicer right wing fascist. Ha! If Banksy loses Epsom it will be bye bye Act, but the good folk of Epsom may consider Banksy a reasonable replacement...

...from Wikipedia...

"When National won the 1990 elections, Banks entered Cabinet, becoming Minister of Police, Minister of Tourism, and Minister of Sport. He quickly gained a high public profile due to his controversial views, most of which reflected a highly conservative political outlook. His political opponents accused him of racism towards Māori and immigrants, and of homophobia. Despite this, Banks earned the respect of the Police force and senior police hierarchy as "one of their own". Banks also had a troubled relationship with some of his political colleagues, who were concerned over his allegedly confrontational style. Banks sometimes clashed with Prime Minister Jim Bolger and other senior ministers.

While Minister of Police, he was fined $750 for answering his cell phone on a commercial flight in 1991.

Banks gained a position as the host of a talkback radio programme on Radio Pacific in August 1992, taking over the Sunday afternoon timeslot from former Prime Minister Sir Robert Muldoon, for whom he had occasionally substituted during 1991 and 1992. In 1995, his fellow National Party Member of Parliament John Carter rang his programme impersonating a workshy Māori called Hone, which caused widespread offence."


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