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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Q+A, The Nation Review

Last weeks ratings
Q+A 174, 080.
The Nation 100 830. Maybe if The Nation let the bloggers know what's happening the way TVNZ does with weekly press releases that would get better ratings. Who knows?

The Nation
Another crap week of their publicity department still not contacting bloggers to let them know what is happening.

Story about Petrobras, it's good to see mainstream media finally focusing on the story,

Roger Kerr is on screaming about the lack of child slavery to help NZ get out of economic collapse. YAWN.How many bloody stories can 'The Nation' do on the Business Round Table?

More chatter about the far right Christian movement to take over the National Party are chatted.

Flavel is on defending the Maori Party's pathetic response to the Petrobras fiasco. He looks beaten up and tired. This entire event is bullshit. Hone will gut them over this issue and he's just guaranteed himself at least 2 extra seats on his Party list.

Roger is on foaming away, how the hell this guy can still chump for the free market when it failed so terribly in 2007/2008?

Roger Kerr would never be happy until the Free market was declared the official religion of NZ, how is him being given airtime anything other than business as usual by the right wing media. I suppose now Mediaworks are enslaved to the Government for their $43million loan. Roger Kerr will be on every month.

He claims he's not into 'politics' and that he is just an economist. I spilled my coffee from laughing so hard.

Claims he is 'apolitical', I am dying here from laughing so hard now, may have burst a spleen.

He is shitting on MMP. Comparing us to a leashed post Nazi Germany???

He has been PR washed these days, he's all moderate now, but he can't fucking help himself, Sean pulls out the red flag of his previous speeches claiming Corporations should only pursue profit, and he can't hold back, no matter how much PR training he's been given. Kerr restates that corporations only have a profit motive, he can't help himself.

Sean cuddles Kerr during this never ending interview. They are passionate lovers, gently rising each other to Milton Friedman Utopia.


He bashes MMP again. He is now announcing that somehow a cancer has managed to find any life force to feed on inside him.

Chris Trotter and Fran O'Sullivan are the panel. Trotter pays tribute to Kerr, Fran softens Kerr even further, Sean speaks hushed tones. Fran speculates that the level of change will be much harsher and Chris points out Key had to promise to do nothing for the first 3 years so he could do what he wanted in the next 3 years.

Pity they cut early.

Steven Joyce is on conning NZ about killing off student free loans and Jenny Shipley is on to not be challenged about her role in helping Simon Powers become the new CEO of Solid Energy once its sold to her new Chinese masters.

On the Panel is Dr Jon Johansson alongside company director and media industry leader Joan Withers plus New Zealand Student Association President David Do.

Monologue is still extremely unfunny, come on guys, I can write this stuff standing on my head, is Damien Christie going through a dry spell?

Joyce wants to 'tighten' things up, like what? He wants to pump overseas students for their debt, debt collection agencies are chasing students. No where do they point out that it's the incredibly high debt given to students, Joyce wants to call the entire debt back and then bankrupt students. They are fleeing NZ because of the debt they gain in NZ, Joyce wants the power to bankrupt them. He also wants to stop funding for students over 50. He is bashing the stuffing out of tertiary education while keeping interest free loans, it's genius!

Holmes is so right wing on University Students, he enables Joyce to look magnanimous after he's just announced mutilating Tertiary education. Unbelievable.

Holmes now steps up on the Mediaworks deal, Joyce is selling it as a scheme that helps business. He has bullshit arguments and is claiming the broadcasting industry was at risk and he had no alternative, COME ON PAUL - you have him on the ropes, hit him dammit! Ask him questions about the MED advice that said it wouldn't cause the collapse of the broadcasting industry, point out it was for Ironbridge..........swing and a miss.

GROAN - wasted opportunity. How disappointing AGAIN.

David Do points out that it is the debt that is forcing people to leave and the injustice of student loans not supporting students while they are studying only exacerbates things. Johansson points out that Joyce should not have been involved at all in the Mediaworks deal.

Jenny Shipley is on to sell China to NZ, her Communist Masters will be very pleased. Her sales pitch is we need to feed the middles classes and China has all the middle classes. The way she could have her Utopia of making Chinese and NZ business work together is really easy - just use the Maori example of leasing land to China rather than sell them the land outright.

You know things are desperate when Jenny Shipley has to groom the public for the privatization agenda to China if National form a Government post November.

They move onto women on Boards, I've always believed that there should be a 50/50 gender split on Boards, there's no way the 2007 collapse would have happened if women had more voice in those decisions. We should be empowering equality with legislation because that's how equality gets done.

Nice opportunity to mention that men should do more house work.

Everyone agrees we must all bow to our new Communist Masters. Props to Jenny Shipley and her staunchness.

David Do is the new pre-scandal Darren Hughes for Labour.


At 17/4/11 10:38 am, Blogger sdm said...

The Nation puts out a tweet whats on for the week - no need to let bloggers know when the information is so readily available.

At 17/4/11 5:46 pm, Blogger Steve Withers said...

Roger Kerr got some play in the TV3 News, too, last evening. He was tearing strips off National for not gutting government spending. Kerr must be wanting a fullblown depression in New Zealand. It's amazing he has been so wrong for so long...and still doesn't get it.

At 18/4/11 12:10 pm, Blogger jane said...

Shipley-eugh-she must be doin Melissa


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