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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Paula Bennett in Parliament yesterday - "Yeah-nah" isn't an answer

Paula Bennett in Parliament yesterday said that she hasn't received any advice about the impact on the people of Christchurch once her emergency benefit ends, which then led to the question, 'Why haven't you sought any advice on what the impact of ending the emergency benefit on the people of Christchurch will be? Her response was the utterly unconvincing and detail-less "Yeah-nah, we'll look after everyone".

Hello, Paula, you did see that big news story about that really huge Earthquake in Christchurch eh? They aren't going to be fixed in 3 months mate, they're pretty fucked up and they're going to need a hell of a lot more than you are offering and the rest of us would prefer to pay a levy on those who have benefitted most from the tax cuts rather than go into more debt that should be going on other social services that we desperately need rather than more South Canterbury Finance corporate welfare.

(cough, cough) - Owned.

PS - $190 per week camper vans for Christchurch quake victims is too much Gerry and you can't use your argument of 'market rates' in a disaster zone!



At 6/4/11 8:01 am, Blogger Alvina said...

Paula Bennett is a real empty head

Re: South Canterbury Finance (and would ask who's sits behind this company - that government is so eager to support financially?).

The camper van idea is a no brainer - heck the winters as you know are so...............cold.............that that type of accommodation is going to become unbearable; will the government provide the heating / dehumidifiers and medical treatment that will become under demand. The cold is so harsh mid winter - I used to always say - it hits the core of your bones and inner soul.

Also, there appears to be no strategy long term - the government just pulls it from the sky.


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