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Monday, April 11, 2011

The NZPA de-unionization of journalists happy coincidence

With MediaWorks paid off, the next group who needs to be blinded so that scrutiny isn't focused on the impact of Government policy are the Journalists at NZPA. They were told that as part of their redundancy agreement they can't work for APN or Fairfax in NZ and Australia. Fairfax have listed just 10 jobs, these jobs close before the end of the consultation process the EPMU have entered into for redundancy negotiations.

Union journalists are being penalized by a redundancy date that makes it impossible for them to apply for the few jobs left remaining.

What a moment of pure Crosby and Textor-esk Machiavellian happy coincidence that the last unionized news room in NZ is maimed just before the most ideological electoral battle for NZ we've ever seen.

Meanwhile, the next owner of TVNZ, Rupert Murdock is caught hacking into peoples private mail...

News of the World prints phone-hacking apology
The News of the World has printed an apology in its latest edition over the long-running phone-hacking scandal. The paper said of the victims: "Here today, we publicly and unreservedly apologise to all such individuals." It added in a page two article that the hacking "should not have happened" and "was and remains unacceptable". The News of the World's owner, News International, has admitted there were at least eight victims and has put aside £20m for compensation.



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