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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

NZ doesn't torture - Shhhh freedom tickles

PM rules out inquiry into SAS torture reports
Prime Minister John Key has ruled out an inquiry into reports the SAS handed over detainees who were later tortured. The Green Party has demanded an investigation after reports terror suspects were tortured in 2002 and 2010 after being handed over to Afghan and US forces, but Mr Key said he ''hadn't seen any evidence to support the need for an inquiry''. He would have some discussions with Defence Minister Wayne Mapp when he returned to New Zealand next week. ''I see nothing that has indicated to me that New Zealanders have done anything other than what we would expect them to do and to have acted in line with both the Geneva Convention and the signed protocols that we have as part of the operation in Afghanistan.'' He added: ''I'm totally confident New Zealanders have acted in line with that convention. When people have been under New Zealand care they've be treated properly.''

Metro magazine published details of two incidents from 2010 where detainees were handed over to Afghan forces and another in 2002 where around 55 people were handed over to United States troops. According to the article many of those handed over were subsequently tortured.

Oh for the love of God Mr Key! We are talking about the laws of war! There are laws in war for a bloody good reason, and these reasons have been built up over centuries of philosophy about why we have rules in war! This is the Geneva Convention we are talking about John, it's not some formality at head office and we have clearly gone over the mark here, and serious questions raised in the Metro article that our soon to be declared Governor General may have misled our politicians.

It is EXACTLY in the political arena that such debate should occur! We are all responsible for this, our taxes pay for this war.

Our democracy has a proud history of pacifists and people prepared to go to prison as conscientious objectors, such an ethical stance has as much political legitimacy as John Key's meaningless strategy in Afghanistan.

Our safety is NOT paramount, the safety of Afghan civilians is paramount, and if we are merely enabling torture while propping up a corrupt regime in a war we are losing in a country with a history of devouring armies, then I would humbly suggest Mr Key that your position has no legitimacy whatsoever.

Well done Metro, this is the first copy of the magazine I have purchased in about a decade, if you continue to print such brilliant investigative journalism, I'll continue to buy your magazine!



At 26/4/11 5:23 pm, Blogger jane said...

Pretty amazing, while they're doing their retaliation around 500 Taliban dig their way out of prison. Seems like a bit of a waste of time & $$, let alone skirmishing around the Geneva Convention.

At 26/4/11 7:54 pm, Blogger ReganG said...

Would you rather we let Afghanistan return to the good old days of men and women being stoned, beheaded, limbs hacked off for minor crimes and lets not forget a major base for terrorist operations worldwide

At 26/4/11 8:51 pm, Blogger Bomber said...

LOL - so it's the old 'but it's a war for feminism and human rights' is it Regan? We are fighting for human rights by propping up a corrupt regime while handing civilians over for torture eh Regan?

Shhhh. Freedom tickles.

At 27/4/11 9:47 am, Blogger AAMC said...

That's a very appropriate name Regan, given that President Regan named a space shuttle flight after those who are so good at decapitation.

There was an Afghanistan prior to the 10yrs of Taliban rule. They are there courtesy of Pakistan taking advantage of the power vacuum left by the proxy war being fought by two Empires. We (the US, our allies)were also pretty happy to meet and greet and host in order to establish pipelines from the Caspian Basin, same as we were with Egypt and are with the Saudi's, their pretty good at chopping thing off too.

The Afghan's have been putting up with this shit since Alexander The Great Regan, you should do them the courtesy of doing a little research before making ignorant proclamations.


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