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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

National are dismantling your legal rights

Simon Power stood down last week from his role as Minister of State owned Enterprises because of a conflict of interest. Whanau, far be it for me to suggest the mainstream media are a lazy stupid one eyed mutant who slavishly carry out the whims of its corporate masters, kinda like smeagle minus the charm, but shouldn't anyone question, what is the conflict of interest that is forcing Simon Power to hand in his Ministerial warrant?

He was the Minister for State Owned Enterprises, the very same State Owned Enterprises National intend to privatize if they win the next election, ladies and gentlemen, is the former Minister about to work for one of his previous assets that are about to be privatized?

Wouldn't that be like the corporate pimp becoming the corporate prostitute all at the expense of the public taxpaying John?

If there are conflicts of interest with his next job, and seeing as he has been privy as a Minister to the valuation of these State owned assets about to be sold, shouldn't we, the public know what his next job is now so that we can decide if there is a conflict of interest before the election?

Speaking of Simon, his conveyor belt of pet food grade cheap justice which degrades most of your civil liberties in the largest roll back of legal protections this country has ever witnessed looks like it is justice for only the very, very rich. To be eligible for legal aid now in this country, you need to earn $100 less per week than the minimum wage, meaning only part time workers and the unemployed could ever get legal aid.

Whanau, I know you all love John Key's smile and wave but robbing you all of vast legal civil liberties without a whisper is kinda like not bothering to pick your kids up at school, over sight at best, outright neglect at worst. How can we endorse a legal system minus the legal protection checks and balances that makes it a justice system all based on nothing more than gossip Dame Margaret Bazely heard behind the law society bike sheds?

These erosions of jury trials, passing law internet law that has you judged guilty before innocent and not facing your jury are a legal conveyor belt focused on speed rather than justice.

By denying people the right to select their lawyer from legal aid we erode their quality of justice, and let's not forget people have to pay legal aid back, this is money you are paying for a legal service yet you no longer get the right to select your lawyer?

No one wants to use the Public Defense service, so the Government are forcing people to use them. Think about that - you require legal aid, you are told it will mean a caveat is placed on your house oh and they will select the cheapest Public Defender they can track down from a service that doesn't receive any current confidence from citizens.

Funny how a free market Government is now suddenly focused on forcing everyone to use public services isn't it?

Only rich people have the audacity to force poor people to accept such limited legal protections.

If Labour had pulled this stunt, the right wing would be screaming, but they aren't, just like they are silent over John Key's disgusting misuse of urgency.



At 20/4/11 8:31 am, Blogger Allan Alach said...

And now he's turning his attention to the Family Court... the outcomes won't be good. Why can't the masses see all this happening? Why is Key etc still doing so well in the polls? Are we collectively that stupid?

At 20/4/11 10:25 am, Blogger AAMC said...


At 23/4/11 7:48 am, Blogger jane said...

it is bad enough that this inversion of resouces which has enveloped the health system for years, now turns to the much cherished legal system, officially transforming democracy into plutocracy, but to be handbagged through the keyhole of this ultimate abrogation of individual rights disguised as a "copyright law!!!", under urgency...oh please, methinks the lady doth protest too muchly....


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